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Guest Name
Ginger Chalford Metraux PhD with Galexis
Guest Occupation
Trance Channel
Guest Biography

Galexis is a group of multi-dimensional non-physical beings who speak as One through the trance channel Ginger Chalford Metraux. Ph.D. Their Mission is to support you through the Great Consciousness Shift/Evolutionary Portal into your New Life and New World.


In seminars and private sessions, Galexis is your kind and loving friend who speaks with love, inspiring you with the vital information, understandings, and revelations you need so that you can claim and own your Greater Self, the powerful master of manifestation who co-creates with the Divine.


Galexis taps into extensive knowledge base of the channel, including all her personal and professional experiences. Whether in person, over the phone, or through recorded seminars, Galexis combines forces with the spiritual guides of anyone listening to them. Galexis can answer your questions on any and every topic, from the most esoteric to the most mundane.


Whether you are a healer, teacher, pathfinder, and/or mapmaker, you can use Galexis’ applied science of magical manifestation to craft the fulfilling, joyous life of your Destiny. Galexis can help you find and develop your true motivation, passion and purpose that you’ll express and share into the world. Let Galexis touch you with their wisdom and support you on your unique and glorious life path.