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Guest Name
Genie OMalley
Genie O’Malley
Guest Occupation
President and Founder of Drug Free Solution, Inc., pioneer of emotional wellness technology
Guest Biography


Genie O’Malley, President and Founder of Drug Free Solution, Inc., pioneered an emotional wellness technology which provides a breakthrough solution for heroin, meth, and opiate addiction along with community healing. Genie has provided her technology to over 260,000 individuals worldwide since 1996. She is an award-winning author, one a handful of Wall Street women business owners and an avid and accomplished photographer who is presently working on an exhibition of her work featuring communities as they heal. Her emotional wellness technique provides solutions for an additional 48 conditions, ranging from PTSD and depression to weight loss and fatigue.

In 1997 the foundational theory for what would eventually grow into a publically traded company was formed. Under the guise of multiple market tests than ran over the past 18 years, we have now come to know this theory as the Living Breath Process housed within it’s mother company Drug Free Solution Inc. What began as a journey for founder and CEO Genie OMalley to uncover new solutions in the emotional wellness market has transformed itself into 109 core products that deal with a variety of emotional conditions including but not limited to PTSD, Depression, and Chronic Fatigue. Comprehensive training and education have been developed as part of a behavioral modification system that provides additional support for the Living Breath Process. The individual programs are unique to their specific market because their results can be achieved with complete discretion inside of a person’s own living environment.

We have witnessed the most profound change through our programming in the field of Addiction. Our Heroin, Opiate, and Methamphetamine programs were tested in Santa Cruz, CA with successful integration into a majority of the local drug court systems. The most profound change took place when Genie shut down one of the largest drug homes in the city while simultaneously ensuring that all 74 occupants became free from their addictions. Roughly 95% of those original 74 occupants are still clean today. These profound results could not be ignored, so it has become the company’s mission to provide discrete and humane healing from heroin, opiate, and methamphetamine addiction through at home programming.

The company continues to thrive today as it spreads its message to people of all ages, gender, race, and background that emotional wellness is not a choice but a right within us all.