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Group of Beings who speak as One through the Channel Ginger Metraux, Ph.D
Guest Biography

Galexis is a group of beings who speak as One through the channel Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. Thesebeings come from various levels, planes, dimensions, and planetary systems. Most members of Galexis have been physical on earth, so they have direct knowledge of physical body experiences and have tremendous compassion for all of us beings who are having a physical plane experience.

The members of Galexis have no competition with each other and can merge into one entity/soul while still retaining their individuality. Occasionally, an individual spokes-being for the group can be distinguished by a change of accent or body posture of the channel.

While many people are curious about the membership of Galexis, Galexis is very private about who their members are. Perhaps that is to keep from distracting their clients and seminar attendees from focusing on personalities. Some of Galexis’ members are well-known and frequent guests with other channels across the country.

But it may also be because the group as Galexis can range in number from as few as the core group of seven to several hundred when speaking to a group. Members include Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Helpers, ET's, the channel's private guides, and spirit specialists who assist in various topics. They are joined by the personal guides who come with the individual(s) being channeled for.

Galexis is also private about giving out the names and identities of individual’s guides. According to Galexis, the process of connecting with one's own guides and learning their names is an important part of the relationship and shouldn't be shortcut by a third party. Also, Galexis encourages individuals to develop real, in-depth, non-physical relationships with their spirit helpers as well as their Higher Selves. This keeps some people from using the information too casually as entertainment or for ego-validation.

Galexis chose Ginger as their channel due to the extensive personal emotional healing work she done, and also that she uses Lazaris’clear and well-defined map of the human psyche (for information on Lazaris, see the Links section).