Guest, Gabriella Wright

Guest Name: 
Gabriella Wright
Gabriella Wright
Guest Occupation: 
Actor, mother and activist
Guest Biography: 


Gabriella wright is an actor, mother and activist. Born in London , she is of Anglo-Mauritian French and Scottish descent. Embracing her many cultures, she has developed an inquisitive nature… always pushing her further on a journey to truly understanding the world of today .

Her career foils her personality… She is involved in a diverse and compelling line of projects, encompassing acting, modelling and humanitarian enterprises.

She has recently featured in action movies such as “The Transporter – Refueled,” and “Security,” along side Sir Ben Kingsley; Indie Productions like “The Alcoholist,” and “The Perfect Husband,” and also political documentary features such as “OXI, an Act of Resistance,” directed by Ken Mcmullen.

She has worked with luxury brands such as Kenzo Perfums, Poiray and Cartier.

Gabriella is a passionate advocate for women and children’s rights. Fund raising and public talking are core to her engagement.

‘‘The most important teaching I gained from being an actor and model is that people look up to you, no matter what. Even if you have inner conflicts, the outer world needs hope and people project what they need on you. Dreams aspirations, role modelling etc… and you sometimes have no idea that by just being present you are affecting and influencing someone’s life. So This job really is not about you , its about them.’’