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Eric Linter
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Surviving 2020: what does astrology say we need to know about this year? There is so much going on around us with so much conflicting reporting in the news that it’s challenging to determine what is real and what isn’t.

Eric has forty years of experience as an astrologer. Eric feels that your life choices and career interests are  at the heart of his business because he wishes to assist you in making your dreams and goals a reality in a practical way; whether it’s a question of clarity, intention or timing. The way your astrology chart describes your situation and the gift of impartial interpretation of that chart is what Eric offers his clients.

What I personally enjoy when getting a reading from Eric is that he answers whatever questions you have. Some astrologers say, oh, that means I have to do astrocartography so that is an additional fee; you get the idea. Well, Eric just does what he needs to do to answer your questions during the time that you have with him. He is insightful and genuinely cares about his clients.