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Dr Tim Slekar
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Dean of the School of Education at Edgewood College in Madison, WI
Guest Biography

Timothy D Slekar is currently the Dean of the School of Education at Edgewood College in Madison, WI.

He began his career 24 years ago as a 2nd grade teacher in Virginia. He then taught 5th grade in Pennsylvania. Dr. Slekar attended Millersville University where he earned a Master’s degree in Education and continued on to earn his PhD in social studies education at the University of Maryland at College Park. During his studies Dr. Slekar worked with 7th and 8th grade teachers in the city of Baltimore Maryland. Dr. Slekar has published research in various top education research journals including Teacher Education Quarterly, Theory and Research in Social Education and Journal of Thought. Dr. Slekar is one of the founding members of United Opt Out National. He has been a radio cohost on podcast, local & national radio as well as on numerous television news shows as an expert education policy analysist including MSNBC, CNN & Fox News

About his blog talk show - Busted Pencils - Fully Leaded Education Talk

BustED Pencils; Fully Leaded Education Talk is a new, weekly, one hour talk show dedicated to public education.  It is the only talk on the radio about education by educators.  BustED Pencils is known for its commitment to the hard facts with a humorous twist.  Hosts Tim Slekar and Jed Hopkins cover the “real” issues in education.

This show establishes and alternative space and discusses education reform from an entirely progressive perspective.  Our approach is funny, edgy, passionate, witty and gritty.  BustED Pencils explores the political and commercial influences behind education policy.  We translate education news into laymen terms so the everyday person can understand the issues — not loaded with edu-jargon.  We strongly promote public schools and their democratic and civic mission.  Lastly, we talk about the most important issue facing the future of America — public education.

BustED Pencils appeals to parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, policy makers, tax payers and students alike.