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Guest Name
Don Hoes
Guest Occupation
Author of " Higher Consciousness Through Meditation", Teacher, Workshop Leader, Public Speaker, member of the Speakers Bureau for the Science of Spirituality
Guest Biography

Don Hoes began practicing meditation on inner light at 14. Within two years he had a series of out of body experiences that raised more questions about the inner light, as well as life itself.

Don graduated from Allegany High School in Cumberland, Maryland, and then went on to attend Frostburg University. Don played football at both institutions. After his first year of college, Don traveled to New Delhi, India where he met his spiritual guide, Sant Darshan Singh, who gave him a deeper connection and experience of the mysteries of inner light. He was so transformed at the level of his heart and soul, he made the conscious decision to become a strict vegetarian. Four years later, he graduated from Rets Electronics School in Baltimore, Maryland.

Don was so inspired by his trip to India, not long after his return home he began to share on metaphysics, near-death experiences, meditation, personal development, and our new era or age of higher consciousness. He became a member of the Speakers Bureau for the Science of Spirituality in 1995, and since has given general Free talks and workshops for SOS in Baltimore, Washington,D.C., Western Maryland, West Virgina, Virginia, Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, Houston, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, New York, Vancouver, Canada, Germany, and India. For years has Don taught and shared classes, workshops, and courses mostly locally and regional. This work has culminated in His book published in 2011, and inspired the latest revision and title of his work called the Higher Consciousness Empowerment Series.

With this Empowerment Series, book events and workshops Don wishes to inspire you to tap within through personal transformation, self- introspection, living life in the now, along with the 'Art of Stillness' to relieve stress, improve your immune systems, and to help obtain more self-love and inner peace. So that one by one, we obtain individual and global peace and love in preparation for entering our New Golden Age of Love.