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Devan Chandler Long
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Devan Chandler Long is known for his ranging scope of work, most recently starring on hit CBS comedy “Ghosts” where he portrays ‘Thorfinn’ a brash, lovable, larger than life Viking.

Long was raised in the small island town of Anacortes, Washington, where he grew up entertaining his peers in the classroom and on the football field. His talents earned him a full ride scholarship to play football at the University of Oregon, where he would go on to garner school records and become known for his humorous interviews and locker room antics. Given his boisterous personality and proclivity for storytelling, it wasn’t long until Long found his truth in acting. He got his first acting job on the series “Shameless” in 2012.

Utilizing his blue-collar work ethic and stubborn determination, Long blazed a career as a multi-faceted character actor, having portrayed an eclectic array of characters from vicious assassins to lovable super-heroes, thus escaping the stereotypical confines adopted by most actors of his physical prowess.

Long lives in Venice, California with his wife, Jesse Golden, who he married in 2020, and her son, now their son, Kaleo Golden. Long’s big brother is Rien Long, who played in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans. Long enjoys cooking, surfing, paddle tennis and prank calling his grandma with character voices (she loves it, it’s their thing).