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Guest Name
David Cousins
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
singer, songwriter and guitarist
Guest Biography

D   A   V   E

C   O   U   S   I   N   S


for Britain's most successful international progressive folk-rock band

'S  T  R  A  W  B  S'


Strawbs are Britain's most successful international progressive folk-rock band. They are mentioned in the same breath as progressive rock bands Yes, King Crimson and The Moody Blues. Strawbs have a devoted fan base that continues to grow on the strength of their incredible live performances together with their classic albums over the years including "Grave New World", "Bursting at the Seams", "Hero & Heroine" and "Ghosts." The band has achieved sales of over three million albums, seven consecutive Strawbs albums have featured in the US Billboard Top 200 albums.

Many top musicians have featured in the Strawbs line up over the years, including Sonjia Kristina, Blue Weaver, Don Airey and as well as Rick Wakeman , both his classically trained sons Adam and Oliver have been featured, a certain compliment to the band's talent. After several years of touring in both acoustic and electric lineups, in 2017 Strawbs released "The Ferryman's Curse", their first studio album of original material in eight years. The album returned to the album charts and garnered rave reviews worldwide!

The current Strawbs line-up comprises David Cousins, lead guitarist Dave Lambert, bass player Chas Cronk, and drummer Tony Fernandez, who recorded and toured together in the 1970s. They are joined by keyboard and guitar virtuoso Dave Bainbridge of Iona - a band who created a mystical blend of rock, folk, Celtic and ambient music - a perfect match for Strawbs.

British rock legends Strawbs will mark their 50th anniversary with a three-day event filled with exclusive musical performances that feature the band’s current line-up, special guests and many of the artists that have contributed to the band’s sound over its five-decade history.

The event will take place at The Strand Theater in Lakewood, New Jersey from April 26 through April 28, 2019 and will be hosted by Strawbs founding member David Cousins, along with long serving band mates Chas Cronk, Dave Lambert, Tony Fernandez and the band’s latest addition, Dave Bainbridge. Featuring special guests Tony Visconti, Annie Haslam, Larry Fast and others! Weekend celebration of the first album release by seminal British band.

STRAWBS (Present) David Cousins (1968 - present)  Dave Lambert (1972 - present) Chas Cronk (1973 - present)Tony Fernandez (1978 - present) Dave Bainbridge (2016 - present)