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Guest Name
Daniel Teague
Guest Occupation
Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer
Guest Biography

Daniel Teague had a near death experience when he was 18 years old during a traumatic car accident. Although he has no memory of this accident he is aware it happened from obvious trauma and over a week of missing time. He went through a spontaneous personality change. After his initial recovery he began to automatically gain psychic awareness, learn to control dreams, have paranormal experiences and the list has continued over the past 2 decades.

Today he is an Energy Healer and creates his own healing modalities in addition to professional trained healing. Daniel loves to make people aware of what is available. Daniel has a unique ability to do Aura scans and energy healings from a distance as no direct contact is needed.

Daniel can be found working at local Holistic and Psychic fairs in the Arizona area. He is available by phone, email and Skype chat.