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Cornell Ward
Cornell Ward
Guest Occupation
Executive Director
Guest Biography

I've never forgot my roots and know that I'm truly a product of the community I serve in the capacity as Executive Director of Unity One. I've overcome adversities that would defeat the average person because of my belief in God and count even my challenges as joy. Cornell Ward

Cornell Ward spent most of his youth involved with activities that led to the demise of his community. Thus, his athletic talents, ease for sports and coaching, has given him a vehicle to send over 700 youth to Division I, Division I AA, Division II, Division III, and NAIA schools around the country.

Cornell Ward worked from 1994-2005 as Kedren's Family Service Center & Head Start volunteer resource coordinator. In Los Angeles County, Kedren operated 26 facilities offering educational programs for children 3 to 5 years of age and basic learning skills such as the alphabet and the identification of geometric shapes. Cornell Ward developed Kedren's annual "Family Fun Day" event where more than 2,000 people converged in Watts. The event featured free food and rides, including a carousel and a train. "We’d have a ton of fun" said Cornell Ward. In addition, he worked effortlessly on the team to generate resources for the facilities to teach classes in English, Spanish, Cambodian, Japanese and Armenian as well as offer adult and youth continuing education, literacy and computer courses, career development, tutoring, after-school athletics and college preparatory classes.