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Guest Name
Christopher Robert Pittman
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
Paranormal investigator
Guest Biography

Christopher is a 31 year old investigator with over 10 years in the field of the paranormal. After a fascination with TV he started investigations on Oklahoma ans surrounding areas in 2011 with well known investigators such as Ron Cross and others that have consulted on many movies and TV around the world thus beginning his journey with family and friends. since then he and his team has investigated the old plantation in Madison park, Oklahoma, residential cases, The Canadian County Historical Society, The Ranch Room known as The Vernost Winery, The Tidewater Winery, Palmer Inn bed and breakfast, and much more. "i take pride on doing a legitimate and precise investigation. As such often we find both the logical and beyond!"

Parachris5387 (not verified)

19 October 2018

Thank you you Chris Houston and those that were listening in. For inviting me onto your show. I had an amazing time and it was fun talking to you. Moving forward this was an truly amazing experience hope to do more next time. And sorry I was really sick the first time.