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Guest Name
Catherine Cogorno
Guest Occupation
Crop circle author Star healer Reiki Master
Guest Biography

Catherine Cogorno is the author and publisher of Earth Expressions, An Artistic Exploration of Crop Circles.  The innovative book displays the beautiful geometry at the core of the circles’ designs, providing a way to interact with them by tracing and coloring the images, in addition to sharing information and a map worldwide locations.  Catherine has been studying crop circles for over 10 years and has presented the subject in several local magazines and radio stations, and to the MUFON Group in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Reach Catherine at

Recommended sites for research on crop circles are, and Suzanne Taylor’s and Patty Greer’s wonderful films.

In addition to her affiliation with several spiritual organizations, Catherine is a certified practitioner of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy, a powerful system given to the world by Archangel Michael in 2000 via Kelly Hampton.

During the radio interview we will discuss generalities of the crop circles, some insights on their purpose and how they are created, and 3 recent ones which appeared in the UK.


Marcia McMahon

30 June 2017

Crop Circle Images from summer 2017 the topic of our guest where I ll post the Visica Picses Image will be posted above near our guests picture. Some of these are from Dorset and new on the crop circle connector. ill be reading a message from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene about who the creators are who create these magnificent creations! Vesica Picses, Dorset, UK. As you tune into our program for SAT at 4 pm pacific do look at the amazing formations of all of these cop circles. We thank the for use of these images!

Tree of Life June, 2017, Dorset, And Bird image near St. Michael's ley line, all in the UK!