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Guest Name
Asia Voight
Guest Occupation
Animal Communicator
Guest Biography

As far back as I can remember I’ve been able to communicate with animals. When I realized that other people didn’t “do that”… that I was “different”… I blocked out my ability for many years. It was only after barely surviving an explosive car crash that I remembered to speak with animals…and allowed them to help me through an excruciating recovery.

Having the aid of your animals, who know you better than anyone and want so much to help you, can guide you through life’s challenges. Each of us has the ability to talk with animals. Holding conversations with my dog, Makeba and my horse, Magic saved my life, and I wanted to share that gift of communication with other people.

Most people come to me because they see a problem with their pet, like a dog that’s barely eating, or a horse that’s become very anxious. When I suggest that the problem may actually lie with the person, I usually get a surprised reaction. Animals often take on their person’s issues, and may manifest them in self-destructive behaviors.

I worked with a client recently whose dog was having terrible digestive problems, and the vet couldn’t figure out the cause. When I talked with the dog, she said her mouth was burning. She said she wanted her mother to stop drinking the “burning liquid”. My client began crying. She realized her drinking was hurting her dog, and she resolved to get help. Because my client couldn’t telepathically hear her, the dog began demonstrating concrete, visible symptoms.

As an animal communicator, I’ve heard many stories like this. Our animals trust us, and know us deeply. They want to help. I’ve helped hundreds of clients to understand their animals better, and strengthen this wonderful bond.