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Guest Name
Anna Maria Panici aka Anna Bliss
Guest Occupation
Linguist, Actress, Model, Hypnotherapist, Healer
Guest Biography

Born and raised in Europe, Anna moved to the United States at 13 years old, where she quickly adapted to her new life and home. After graduating high school in 2001 in Glendale CA, she attended Cal State Northridge, where she graduated Cum Laude in 2005 with a BA in Linguistics, and an emphasis in German. Part of her college experience involved living as a foreign exchange student in Germany for one year, thus learning a new language and expanding her understanding of culture and worldview. After college she went on to pursue her dreams of acting and modeling, which she did for over 6 years. During this time she felt spiritually un-fulfilled, and so invested in her spiritual and creative endeavors, thus pursuing a path to Enlightenment. During her training as a Hypnotherapist in 2008, Anna delved deeper into her natural healing abilities that she was born with, and anchored her intuitive knowledge with certificates in Reiki and Theta energy healing, EFT, hand writing analysis and specializing in Past Life Regression hypnosis. In 2009 she graduated from the accredited Hypnosis Motivation Institute of Tarzana with a certificate in Hypnotherapy. Since then she has been seeing clients regularly and fully committed herself to a career of healing work.

“This is the most wonderful and rewarding job I can imagine. Having been born with a deep love for Spirit and people, I see the divine in each and everyone. Through my education and studies of human behavior I have learned to unlock the mind and bring about healing. The human body and mind are the result of the past, which can be easily healed with intention, hypnosis and various energy healing modalities. I believe that the only limiting factor is ourselves, and that we truly can achieve anything and everything we put our minds to and have the will to pursue. I am grateful for having discovered Hypnosis, as it has truly changed my life, and I like to offer it to as many as possible to positively change theirs” ~Anna