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Guest Name
Andrew Webber
Guest Occupation
Artist, Intuitive, Lecturer, Health Researcher
Guest Biography

Guest Biography From:

Born 7:41 pm, March 23, 1970 in Farmington, Maine, North America

Artist, intuitive, free thinker, lecturer, health researcher

1970 – 1988: Incorporated without consent. Circumcised without consent. Vaccinated without consent. Fluoridated without consent. Mis-educated without consent. Graduated from Waterville High School in Waterville, Maine.

1988 – PRESENT: Self-educated, self-employed, award-winning artist, never a follower or slave to academic, business, or other institutions. Chemtrailed and H.A.A.R.P.ed without consent.

Researcher of health issues, natural living and natural cures.

Complier of ancient and modern knowledge on the healing properties of pure waters.

Founder of

Andrew presents the original cleaning and maintenance instructions for the human body. He demonstrates how the four ‘distilled waters’ ( all machine-made distilled waters [distillers, evaporators, condensers, solar distillers, air wells, fog fences and dew ponds], all sky distilled waters [rain, mist, snow, dew and fog], all body distilled waters [saliva, plasma, amniotic fluid, urine and breast milk] and all plant distilled waters [raw fruit and vegetable juices] ) clean the body. He shines light on the dis-information campaign designed to obfuscate the truth regarding this knowledge.