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Randirobics Kids Club Radio Show
Created and hosted by-Randi Chenkin
"Children's fitness personality"

An interactive fitness entertainment program that features kids sing-along aerobics, space adventures, all original music and a lot of out of this world fun! You can visit with her fan club page at 

lazoomusic (not verified)

9 November 2016

I listened to Randi's premiere episode on BBS Radio, and wanted to say thanks for airing the Internet radio version of The Randi Robics Kids Club!  It's great listening to our songs being broadcast, and knowing that kids are listening in and learning about taking care of their health/fitness!  Thanks again!


Douglas Newsom

12 November 2016

In reply to by lazoomusic (not verified)

You words made us smile! Thank you ! Thank you !

Most kindly,

the twins (Doug and Don)