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Upcoming Headlined Shows

Headlined Show, Sri and Kira Live April 10, 2016
Is your life the Illusion of Density or the gift of Ascended Awareness? April 2016!  The roaring LION of powerful momentum is asking:  ARE…
Headlined Show, The War Report on Public Education April 10, 2016
War Report on the Road - Live from Buffalo NY - High School Teenager Takes on Billionaire Neoliberals in BOE Election Race Please join…
Headlined Show, Ask Kadian April 10, 2016
Manifestation...Understanding that you are manifesting all the time and what that looks like for you currently. Also, we'll talk about why …
Headlined Show, The People Speak April 26, 2016
DR KEVIN BARRETT joins host Steve Johnson to discuss the Brussels Attack, Islamaphobia and many other issues.
Headlined Show, Why Life Is... April 8, 2016
ADVANCED CONSCIOUSNESS SERIES: Increasing Spiritual Truth within Worldwide Faith Based Religions
Headlined Show, The People Speak May 3, 2016
ARNIE GUNDERSEN - Nuclear Energy expert and whistleblower of joins host Rick Chicago to speak about his visit to Fukushima…
Headlined Show, The People Speak May 10, 2016
GRETA BERLIN - Found of joins host and good friend Alison Weir.
Headlined Show, The People Speak April 19, 2016
Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams conclude this 2 part series on the 9/11 Hollow Twin Towers Theory.
Headlined Show, The People Speak April 12, 2016
PHIL JAYHAN - 9-11 film producer and researcher speaks about his Hollow Towers theory.
Headlined Show, Paradigm Shifters April 5, 2016
Paradigm Shifters presents Brad Warner whoes spiritual wisdom simplifies to this line 'Don’t be a Jerk'! When talking about the deeper…