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Write blogs and articles with full syndication features!

Write short blogs and special interest articles that show up everywhere automatically!

Write short blogs and special interest articles which post to BBS Radio's home page and on your show profile page. This information will also show up in the NEWSROOM and the largest and most visible Information SCROLLS at the bottom of BBS Radio's home page and Station 1 and Station 2 main pages. Even more impressively, this information is automatically posted to your  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn profile pages, as well as all BBS Radio's major social network pages (which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn). This occurs automatically once you've connected your social accounts with BBS Radio, which only takes a second. Therefore, even if your social networks are small you'll have the advantage of promoting/syndicating/pre-marketing your upcoming information to our vast social networks. Then use our robust, feature-rich system to globally syndicate your content with dedicated RSS Feeds providing XML data of your content for easy and automatic syndication to other sites accepting your posts via xml and for easy subscription by users wishing to subscribe to your materials and be sent your materials automatically (straight to their own devices) at the push of a button! Ultimately, all your blogs and articles will have statistics. You can add headlines, images, attach your show program link, add summaries, long or short body descriptions, using a feature rich WYSIWYG editor, add sponsor links, add key tags and phrases, and even add an unlimited number of additional supporting images. Articles and blogs can be published and unpublished at will. (Write Blogs and Articles!)