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Here’s Why

The way we as a society consume our information and entertainment is changing. This is in part due to the advances in technology and the variety of devices we now use to access our information.

Whilst we used to have a “cable” TV subscription for hundreds of dollars per month, we can now access streaming,  on-demand video tv services such as Netflix a tenth of the cost. Many people are using mobile platforms and the latest research would suggest that this will only increase into the future. With all the alternatives out there let’s get clear about why this is happening and what it means for you and your business. 


It’s so Convenient

No longer do we want to be tied to a TV schedule to watch a show, video, or movie that interests us. We use these platforms not only for entertainment but also for education and research purposes. New platforms mean we are able to watch what we want when we want. This technology enables us to watch whilst we are sitting on a bus, taking a break from work, or simply filling in time. It means that smart businesses will have to be part of this platform to make sure that they take full advantage of this “on-demand”, consumer-led trend. 


You can Scale

With the watching public now able to choose which features suit them best and pay only for what they want, businesses will need to be able to connect with their customers, clients and consumers via these mediums also. 


What about the demographic shift

According to emarketer, 63% of US internet users between the ages of 18 - 34 watched the live video. This Millennial group is the largest consumer of live video streaming and if you want to market to this demographic, you need to have a live streaming component or a strategy that connects to them via live streaming if you want to capture their attention. Generation Xers are close behind them in their consumption of live streaming information. 


Streaming and Business

If you want to connect with more consumers, clients, customers, leads as well as build brand awareness, advertise and offer paid streaming services then why not jump on a call now and find out how we can help you and your business to be part of this trend?


Our team offers you a done for you and done with you package of services that incorporates video streaming services, so you get to experience the power that these services gain for your business. 

 Lets jump on a call to discuss how we can help you?


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