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Quick recap from Lisa Coletta

We all know how it feels to be a little out of whack.  You know, that feeling that you aren’t quite yourself and that something, some dynamic, some interface with someone else (or yourself) just doesn’t seem to sit right.

Perhaps you are avoiding an action that you know needs to be done, should have been done days ago and you know that there is no way around it – you have just got to get in there and do it?  Or you have this same funny feeling every time you interface with a certain person like there is a complete misalignment of thinking and your brain is telling you ‘it’s them, it’s not you’.

Typically, in my experience, that feeling is a deep inner knowing that there is a learning that I don’t want to see or worse still – feel.  

For me, I feel it deep in my gut. If I’m honest, it is actually between my heart and my gut, right where my spirit chakra is (for those who are in the know on these things).  

Typically at the beginning, I don’t notice it.  I’m just too busy doing the doing to stop and notice how I am being and I ignore it.  The more I ignore it the louder it screams, and it just doesn’t want to go away regardless of how much I want or pretend it isn’t there.

I then notice that the quality of my conversations starts to change and individuals seem distant to me.  I sense something is going on with them (not me).  These conversations get harder and I am starting to feel that things are a little lost and out of control.  The more I try to step in and start controlling, the worse it gets.

At some point two things happen – either I wake up and realise that this incongruence I am feeling is within myself and I have floated away to an ego-based place where my authenticity is gone, or I decide to push all of those feelings down and keep stridently moving forward knowing full well that everyone else is the problem, and if they don’t like it, they can lump it.

What I am really feeling is a complete misalignment between my head, my heart and my gut.  And for me, the alignment between the three provides an important ready reckoner on whether I am behaving and moving towards my higher purpose in alignment with what the universe has in store for me.  

The more my head tries to move me away from my true path, the more work through learning I must get myself back on track.

If I am really honest with myself, it has been a tough time finding and getting back onto my spiritual path.  And it has taken a whole heap of other universal factors to wake me up and move me towards being comfortable and feeling safe enough to be my true self.  This includes embracing my spirituality wholeheartedly, without shame or fear of judgement by others.  I am not talking about religion, it's my own spiritual truth I am referring to, recognising that there is a bigger plan for me and it unfolds in its own time and in its own way, and not mine.

What has all this stuff got to do with leadership you might ask?  Well, as Toni Lontis and I discussed on our radio show, we are whole people who come to work every day.  We don’t get to leave part of ourselves at home and just bring to work the good functioning parts.

Our customers, peers and employees see, feel and experience our incongruence well before we realise that we are misaligned, and they typically provide us clues that our misalignment is affecting their alignment too.

We then tend to be attracted to other misaligned souls who justify their own and others behaviour by assuming that the problem is all with others and not with themselves.

What we don’t realise is that the answer is within us.  Deep within, communicated through aligned insights and perspectives that can only come through creating silence and listening skills that provide us with the truth – even when we may, or may not be ready for the outcome or the clarity that may lead to us finding that we’ve strayed off our true path.

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