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Scalar Energy

Scalar Energy

Hari Om Everyone! 

Over the course of time since the Plandemic many of my messages have been to give people a heads up about external circumstances not to the benefit of spiritual people. I hope my now you have realized that the bio-weapon masquerading as a vaccine is not an option, and it was passed to DARPA from off world sources and then the DOD gave it to the pharmaceutical companies. The DOD owns the patent.

On to "Greener Pastures". Last Saturday I had as my guest on ET Yoga, Tom Paladino, a research scientist who believes one day his Scalar treatment will be the cure to pathogenic disease. He calls this energy 'The Energy of the Divine'. Before he came on the show, I didn't really think I was involved with Scalar energy. I learned I am immersed in the subject. First the OM frequency can be called Scalar, the Hari Om mantra is my main mantra for meditation, and I use it at the top of all ET Yoga programs. The Pran is also called Scalar and I do daily pranayama or yogic breathing to super charge the blood with oxygen. I have been using Egyptian Healing Rods for over 20 years and they utilize the energy of the pyramids which is Scalar Energy. I practice Xi Gong Healing sounds as taught by Master Mington Gu which also deals with Scalar Energy. Recently I have reached the 45-minute mark in Sun Gazing which directly uses the energy from the Sun and Stars which is Scalar. I use the method taught by Hira Ratan Manek who was studied by Thomas Jefferson University for 130 days and the results proved his gray cells in the brain were regenerating. His pineal gland is one of the largest on the planet. NASA also studied his methods and concluded that 'Superhuman Abilities "could be obtained. The Scalar energy enters the eyes, then the brain and sends healing energy to all the organs and activates dormant parts of the brain. Manek claims that all disease leaves the human body around the 30-minute mark of sungazing. I cannot confirm this as I had no disease issues before I started the program. However, his followers claim to have cured cancer and diabetes to name just a couple. I am at the point of walking for 45 minutes a day on sand to ground the energy.

Other techniques I do frequently are the Pillar of Light meditation, where you call upon the pillar of light from higher dimensions to flow through your 12 chakras. Seven in the physical body and 5 outside the body. Then you can direct this energy to all the cells of your body and also into your auric field. All disease is in the auric field first and then manifests in the body. Proof of this is that in this holographic flashing universe we live in the physical is actually not there some of the time. The flicker rater is so fast that the eyes do not pick up on it. But as the Pleiadeans say 'thought' exists between the flashing in and out of the universe. At the quantum level your consciousness remains and instructs the atoms how to re-bundle. Also, the Blackfire Angelic Mediation which is led by Steve Nobel on You Tube utilizes zero-point energy or Scalar energy to clear the body of all toxins including the 'Shedding" produced by those vaccinated. If you have not heard pine needle tea also works as it prevents the shedding material from attaching to your DNA receptors. In my opinion we all have a threshold for being in close proximity to shedders and if your threshold is passed you will start to exhibit symptoms.

So, it turns out my life is immersed in Scalar energy, and I am most happy to share these techniques in case you have interest. Om Shanti Charles P.S. My newest ideas for simplifying the process of 'Reality Creation' which is a form of Alchemy will be presented on the next ET Yoga program.