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Live on-demand interactive broadcasting with live service!

Shows can be scheduled during any open time slot for live professional call-in talk shows with a board operator. We do it all for you! You just do good radio!

Shows can be scheduled during any open time slot for live professional interactive call-in talk show with a board operator "show engineer". Live, interactive, on-demand professional broadcasting services will be made available during any open time slot on Station 1 or Station 2! A professional program engineer will micro manage all aspects of your broadcast. This qualified "board op" calls you and your guests prior to your broadcast and facilitates all interactivity during your show. They are courteous and professional when communicating with you, your co-host(s), your guest(s), your callers, sponsors and/or advertisers. They screen call-ins to the show, in any manner you desire, and offer continuous support throughout the program, making sure everyone's sound levels and dynamic ranges are optimal, making sure all live streams are functioning normally, calling your scheduled guests on time, and adding call-ins to your show into the que, all the while notifying you of everything. Dropped calls are quickly handled and recovered! All program clips are inserted properly (and as requested) along with all your bumpers and liners, commercials, intro and outro files. The board operator handles half a dozen call-in lines and gets everyone, guests, callers and hosts on the right connection, based on the device they are using like a phone, analog or digital connection, codec, computer, iPod, iPad, conference system, other network studio stream, Skype, IP telephony software, etc. When the broadcast is finished, the show engineer will edit out any problems (noted during the broadcast) like loud noises, background mistakes, dial tones, false starts, overly long pauses, video glitches, etc., when required, or when desired by the host. The broadcast will then be added to your show page, with all the necessary information added to the broadcast episode details so that your broadcast is complete and already in syndication! (On Demand Live Interactive Broadcasting with Live Service!)