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We pay ALL long distance charges. We call your co-hosts and guests on our dime no matter where in the world they reside. Interview guests and take callers from all over the world using any phone or device! Hosts, co-hosts, guests, and callers can interact from all corners of the earth using any analog phone or digital device with internet connectivity.

We pay ALL long distance charges. We call your co-hosts and guests on our dime no matter where in the world they reside! Therefore, Hosts, and guests, can choose to use computers or phones with analog or digital signals. We can go from computer to computer, or computer to phone, mixing all signals in real time as necessary, using our custom systems. Currently our broadcast hosts use any one of the following products to broadcast with: VoIP Landlines, Analog 'Pots' Landlines, Cell Phones, Soft-phones, Smart Phones, Rotary Phones, iPods, iPads, Laptops, Google Voice, Google Hangout, Skype, IP Codec, Telephony Software like Phonerlite, and Hardware Codec like Barix. Our systems allows for live broadcast streams to feed into dial-in conferencing centers and/or any type of analog or digital conferencing system the host may utilize and/or desire. Dozens of people can simultaneously engage in a live talk show discussion even when the participants are using different communication devices or signals. Best of all, hosts can broadcast from anywhere in the world, and can communicate with co-hosts, guests and callers from all corners of the earth. BBS Radio's staff initiates the calls to all hosts, co-hosts and guests to make sure everyone is connected optimally. This allows us to manage all the speakers individually, so we can adjust sound levels and modulate tones that are most appropriate for each participant. It also allows us to communicate with each participate individually, without affecting the broadcast or interrupting the conversation. Each station has 5 regular phones, each with their own unique dial in number (each capable of handling digital and analog signals) and each station has one digital computer connection that allows for Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom and other exclusively digital signal connections. (Analog or Digital, Computer or Phone!)