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Fear Not! Angels Have Your Back - Human Angels

Fear Not! Angels Have Your Back. This blog is dedicated to giving glory to God for all of the blessings he gives to those who believe in his name; in this case, angels.

Angels are special beings that God places at our disposal to live the abundant life we read about in John 10:10. God loves his children and wants to give them every opportunity to accept him and live with him in eternity.

There is a type of angel I want to briefly address; human angels. As we have been in and out of the hospital with dad these past few months, I have witnessed firsthand another type of servant that I believe is a servant of God; Doctors and Nurses. These are people who are doing a very stressful job but, for the most part, do it with a smile on their face. The job they do can involve some distasteful duties, but they do them nonetheless.

These angels, doctors and nurses, have been given a servant’s heart by God. That is not to say that they are all going to be in heaven. It is to say, however, that I believe they have been called by God to do the job they do. Each person has to accept Christ, but I believe these angels have a leg up to be able to know more about the true and living God.


As I speak with many of them, they know about the existence of God. Many are professing Christians; all seem to know that what they do is beyond their own capacity to serve. In other words, they see the supernatural on a daily basis.