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twin or soul ? I don't know

We were pretty awed by love, never mind soulmates. Today's going out with someone is called, my soul mate or twin flame , and sometimes it's not even the person!


Someone just wrote again, wanting to know if so and so was her "twin" flame or "just" her "soul" mate. Really? If that weren't bad enough, the number of people who believe in walk-ins is increasing. In case you don't know "a walk in" is when either another soul or angel etc... comes to relieve you, ( your soul ) of this particular life's responsibility. Yes, you did make the choice carefully. Yes, you did have a plan that you and a higher being worked on. , Finally, Of course, yes! it defeats the entire purpose of incarnation. From what I hear, it is done out of mercy to those of us who just suffer too much. Silly. I thought that was more or less when death came. Now I find out that I never had to go through any of the surgeries, deaths of loved ones, cancer, you name it. All I had to do was put in for a transfer. Of course, I know the difference between the soul mate and twin flame. Eons ago, whence I came from, they used to call the twin flame the trickier. You were never supposed to be with your twin flame . You start out together as a fused soul. As you leave to go off in your first life, you are separated into male and female. You meet up after lives, in your soul group, because obviously, you are in the same group. But, during lives you are not lovers. You can be BFF's family, etc... anything other than sexually engaged. Apparently, the entire Twin Flame sex thing is so powerful, that unless you do it when you're ready ( your very last life) you will short circuit, Your capacity for Celine Dion' and the number of times needed to see Titanic Increases ten fold , and that may be why we require walk- ins!  So, I do see a need for that job. 

Back to the beginning ~ it's all up to you Millennial's, ( or generation Y . I didn't know there was a Y but apparently, they only had 15 years to rule marketing). I feel like it says something about their parents. Like they taught them the right values or something. Nah. As I was saying, when did we get so screwed up in our heads and hearts about the authenticity of a soul mate or twin flame? How many of us out here have experienced both, in the true-est sense of the word,  in a lifetime. Never mind by the time your 26 and want to know if it's this or "just" zzzzzzzzzzzzz this? So much discourse on love; any kind being the most powerful thing in the universe. I woke up knowing that we need to take any opportunity we can to open all channels we have for the capacity to love. ( Starting with ourselves). Speaking of Twin flames I used to think that would be heaven until I was told I didn't like myself. Getting caught in the never land of obscuration will keep us ( as a collective unconscious) back in the middle ages - ( where that kind of crazy love was cured by blood letting ) It usually didn't work, So, they put you on the stretcher where they pulled your body apart, and for some reason that seemed to cure it.

If we stay in the torture chambers of curing, defining, reasoning love we will never know the future generations that love produced, or the ways in which our DNA changed,

Let Labels, unmet impossible standards stumble down the hill. A cradle full of grass, a pumpkin on the move before 12 am  and a slipper etched of glass. send them your unconditional love as they pursue the Draconian walls of flame and time .  Fall in love with a face,;  a voice   the way he moves his hair  from his eyes :

knowing that you `  the youngest  of us  might just be saving future generations from the myth of disingenuous, unattainable twin/soul/flame/,mate/.

I could still use that walk in though.

and, yes of course I believe in soul mates. Could we just be a little less blasé about it please?