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Values and Worth

What's most important in life for you? Where do you focus 90% of your attention? What do you spend most of your money on? Do you feel satisfied with your life?

Values and Worth ©2015 Joan Newcomb

What's most important in life for you?  Where do you focus 90% of your attention? What do you spend most of your money on? Do you feel satisfied with your life?

The answer to these questions may - or may *not* give you a clue about your core values.

For instance, your children may be of the utmost importance, so you work two jobs to support them, but you never get to see them, because you're working, so you don't feel satisfied with your life. 

Perhaps you spend most of your money on clothes, because you want to appear fashionable but you really you feel like the geeky kid you were in middle school.

These are examples where you aren't living your life in alignment with your values. Your sense self worth is affected.

Sometimes what you *don't* spend money on also reflects your values.

When you know what your values are, it helps you make decisions.  You may value relationships. You may value communication.  But you make $300 an hour at Microsoft spending most of your day debugging software in a room by yourself.  Now you understand why you're rich, but not happy.

Perhaps your top values are honesty and integrity, and you're dating someone charming and handsome but who compulsively lies.  You now know whether or not to stay in the relationship.

Spiritual, emotional and material values don't always harmonize.  Your family may value hard worth and fiscal responsibility, but you value creativity and freedom.  Your Church may say they follow the values of Christ and yet aren't compassionate or nonjudgemental.

Don't allow others to determine your worth.  You are priceless.  You are a gift to this world.  You are Consciousness here to enhance the collective experience by being uniquely YOU.

Your core values are clues to your life purpose.  You're here to express yourself as Consciousness in physical form.  Your artistic abilities are your spiritual language.  If you write, if you sing, if you dance, if you act, if you paint, if you knit, if you cook, if you garden, it is the greater aspect of you communicating the essence of who you are.

To identify your top core values, take this questionnaire.

Hope this helps you navigate life in the direction of your choice!