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Reclaiming Your Inner Baby

Experiencing the grieving process is challenging. Though living as a lightbringer who is able to embrace, enter and brighten dark spaces, Joan embarks upon a voyage through Europe to spread her mother's ashes, as per her wishes.

Reclaim Your Inner Baby ©2015 Joan Newcomb

I was just in the city where I was born, part
of a mission to scatter my moms ashes to all the places where she lived.

I was so focused on other things, like my parents
and my older brothers living there, that it didn't occur to me that it was
birthplace, until I was on the train to the airport.

Why did I create being born in West Berlin,
during the Cold War,  where it was my Dad's job to talk people into defecting?

I'm a lightbringer. And lightbringer are destined
to go into dark places. Makes sense I would start I one.

So I tuned into myself as an infant, and was
surprised (don't know why) to sense this big ball of light.


Infant photo 1912

All babies are bright lights. Just look at
'em, they are pure energy, pure joy, pure wonder. They are Consciousness,
rediscovering the world.

So I tuned into my baby Self and felt that
energy within me.  I felt how darkened and crusty and old I have become.
 Years of accumulated pictures and concepts and experiences. Reclaiming
my baby self, bringing that new energy within, was like filling the tanks
with high octane gas.

This is who we really are. We are bright lights,
bundles of joy. Our essence is wonder, happiness, curiosity, love.  That
never goes away. It just gets covered over.

We can access our inner infant and use the
energy to heal and renew ourselves. We can egain our awareness of why we are
here, and what our purpose is.

It's pretty simple. You can sit quietly, with
your eyes closed, and inwardly imagine your baby self. Feel the energy you
were when you first got here.  See in your mind, your bright eyes and
toothless smile.

Bring that awareness into your center and let
it expand outward, filling up your body and surrounding you.

Let the years of accumulated denser energy
dissolve, disintegrate, dissipate.  Bring in your awareness as Consciousness.
Let yourself know why you are here. The answer may be very simple, a feeling
or an image.

Sit with this.

Do this for the next 7 days. You can do this
once, or any number of times. You may get instantaneous insight, or increasing
Knowingness over the week. You can just
let your light shine and clear any darkness or you ca deliberately direct
it to places you Want to dissolve.

Try this for the next week and see what happens,