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The Deva of Money and Morphic Fields ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

A little chat with the Deva of Money

This morning I had a little chat
with the Deva of Money and I thought I'd share it with you.

Devas are the unseen architects of Nature, they design things to be brought
into physical form.  They hold qualities and communities as well. There's
a Deva of Broccolli that oversees all the brocolli plants on the planet. There's
a Deva of Patience that you can talk to in Friday afternoon commuter traffic.
There's a Deva of the country that you live in.

I know of someone who personafies the Deva of Money with a sexual connotation,
which works for them. For me, it feels entangled with cultural history of women
being dependent on men financially.

The Deva of Money, as I feel it, is light, bright, clear and impersonal, like
the ocean, like God. The ocean is not vindictive, the ocean takes and gives,
the ocean provides for wildlife and the planet.

You fall in the ocean and drown,
it’s not murdering you. Sharks eat you, they are feeding, being sharks. Your
alertness keeps you from falling in the ocean, but what about boats going down,
what about hurricanes and typhoons? Weather is not personal, it is patterns,
it is part of the interweaving design of this world. 

Many of us are entangled in the morphic field of poverty and deprevation, lost
in the "funhouse mirror" maze of distortions.

The Deva of Money invites you to come out, come into agreement with the flow.

Wealthy people grok the flow, yet multiple flows are happening all at once,
which is why they can be assholes and rich, or why they can be personality deprived
and opulent. They may be focused on money but not in integrity with relationships.

The game on this planet is to experience life, the game may or may not be coming
into balance. it may be a goal in the game, we all get to set goals as part
of the game.

All your feelings about money,
all your opinions about rich people,  distance you from having it in your

This week, sit and tune into the
Deva of Money for yourself. Notice your first impressions. What does it feel
like, look like, sound like, smell like, ??

Have a conversation with it. Have
a pen and paper handy, jot down what you think it's communicating with you (unless
you're extraordinarily clairaudient, you may get visual images or thought/ideas
rather than actual words).

Dance with it energetically this
week, and see how your life transforms!

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