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Involution and Evolution ©2015 Joan M Newcomb

Involution and Evolution ©2015 Joan M Newcomb

Involution and Evolution (c)2015 Joan M Newcomb

What direction are you headed? Are you looking for answers? Trying to get spiritual?

Do you feel like the answers are "out there"? That to access Consciousness, you have to go Up?

Do you need to accelerate, or try harder, to become more aware?

It's popular to say we are in the midst of an evolution of Consciousness, but in actuality it may be an involution of Consciousness.

Bodies evolve (I personally believe that dinosaurs were 'beta tests').  Physical bodies are vehicles for Consciousness. Human bodies have evolved over time, to be able to handle more of the higher vibration of Consciousness.

The denser the body, the more distant it feels from Consciousness.

Consciousness has been described as God, but even that is a disconnected view point.

Imagine yourself as Consciousness.  You create this plant of form, with your own focus.  You are life force, and your energy focuses into everything.

Every thousand years or so, your human body creations go through a growth spurt, and you're able to feel through them a bit more.

Three thousand years ago they perceived you as far away, and projected their fears and vengefulness at you.  Two thousand years ago there was a 'consciousness shift' that, from their perception, brought you closer.  You became a parental figure.

There's been another shift, and they're able to feel you within.  It's blowing their minds.

For you, it's a not exactly a coming inward, but a more focused concentration. 

In body, it feels like being enveloped in love.  Make that Love, with a capital L.  The body tingles.  Pain disappears.  It feels expansive.  It feels incredibly clear.  There's incredible gratitude, incredible appreciation, and an inner sense of Knowing.

How do you get there? How do you feel this more?

It's all about navigation.  If it feels negative or limiting, it's turning away.  If it feels joyous or expansive, it's turning towards.  Yet sometimes, body/personality has been hunched down for so long, it feels fearful about standing up, opening up.  Sometimes it's about breaking through, or breaking open.

It's more than just choosing your thoughts or redirecting your thinking. 

It's a simple as imagining.  Imagining You are Consciousness, focusing inward.  Uncomfortable thoughts or feelings come up, turn your full focus as Consciousness upon them.  Light dissolves shadow.

It takes practice, but it doesn't take very long. 

Take time every day to do this, be mindful of this throughout the day, and you will very shortly be transformed beyond your wildest dreams!

Joan Newcomb is a Conscious Mastery Coach and co-host of "Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet".