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Moving with grace without judgment and staying neutral! Relax and get into heart space! Grace has a couple of meanings. One is about how one elegantly moves physically and it is also a sense of the Divine.

Grace has a couple of meanings. One is about how one elegantly moves physically and it is also a sense of the Divine. For me it is consciousness giving pardon to itself as human. Not about the nature of forgiveness but about not judging or being judge in the first place. As humans concerned with life and survival we need to think in order to judge what is good for us. Making distinctions is important. But we need to be skillful at it.  Use it wisely.
This last week was all about moving in grace. It showed and revealed itself in different ways. Groups were full of heart expanding moments. Some of us have serious life threatening issues we are tangled up with or are dealing with bi polar experiences of being in the family. We enjoyed vibrant life appreciation and being okay with what one found inside in the profound shared energies. It was humbling. Illness was radiating good health as sometimes life gets directed into what we don’t consciously want. We noticed the circumstances and motivators that were revealing themselves. Where the duality, polarity and scalar nature of energies about anything were focused. We added the potential found in sacred space and blessed it all.
Keeping out of judgment and neutral to what is within us is key. In group we found where fear can lie. Where fear is serving as protection from ourselves, for ourselves and acting as self sabotage. Embracing the fear allows for us to recognize the parts of ourselves that make us whole. Like anything it can be protective, neutralizing, empowering, debilitating. Just depends on how it is being experienced. Used well it gives us pause and time to reflect and act in new ways. Used poorly it can become its own thing empowered as an egotist. We are then no longer reacting to the fear of what but to the fear itself. It revealed itself in the grace. 
I also spent a lot of time with a friend helping her with a moving in sale all weekend. Here was a different sense of grace. Think Energizer Bunny. My friend is able to express energy physically without compromise. She radiates a glow of good health, a warm smile, with a vibrant appreciation of life. If you weren’t paying attention you might think that she was a doer. She does get a lot of things done for sure. But what she is really able to do is access a flow of energy easily and effortlessly being externally demonstrated. By being she does. In that expression she gets things moved.
We all move in grace be it about physical or lack of judgment. We express it physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, psychically, spiritually and metaphorically. Grace is found in the smallest of moments and in the big ones. Some of us are aware of it, some of us take it for granted and some of us never know it. We can see it in others but not ourselves. Some of us value it, some of us have had it and hold it lost. We can limp along or be clumsy or vibrate at different levels. Consciousness experiences and chooses to evolve or stay the same.
Take some time and access heart space. In warmth, support and willingness to allow for all that grace is, relax. Check in. Is you sense of life vibrant and full of possibilities? Or, is what is bothering you full of life and vibrant? Notice where you would like your energies to go and see what that would be like or feel like to move them around. How you hold yourself in awareness is important. How do you flow? I may be showing my age in my references following but are you a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rodgers or Keystone Cop?