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Early Spring and Vacation Eyes

Early Spring and Vacation Eyes

Hello All

For all of you in cold places I am wishing you the very best. In Portland we have been having a shorter winter than usual. Yellow and purple crocus, yellow daffodils, pink rhododendrons, yellow forsythia, white and pink plum trees and other plants are starting to bloom. It is crisp outside but sunny. Brisk breezes make for some days filled with clouds filled with glaring light, some days clear skies. For those in the snow see all that color in your heart space. Allow it to bloom there as you look upon the glaring whiteness out your windows. Reflect on why you live there. LOL. It too shall pass. 

We were on vacation last week. It can be fun to leave home and travel somewhere new or familiar. This time we stayed home. Our back yard had become a flood plain in recent winters in places due to decreasing drainage for some mysterious reason. After a camera inspection of the yard drains and a expensive bid we figured out what to do. The bid replaced the whole system but we could only find one place that was not working well and the tennis ball caught in the bend of the pipe was good blockage. There was no need to replace the whole 60 year old system.

Over the last couple of months my hubby had dug trenches and now he put in updated components to the drainage system.  He dug out soil, connected new hoses and reservoir, moved in pebbles, moved out soil to other areas and then re-leveled the area. He rerouted a gutter and replace a drainpipe with a copper rain chain. I mention that as it is delightful to listen and watch the water navigate the chain to the new drain below among the new pebble path. We are looking forward to the coming rains now.  Pleasure ensues on many levels.

I look to use potential in my state of mind and state of heart awareness daily. Outcomes are affected by it. The projected worst case scenarios and great expense never materialized. It was doable. It was a lot of physical work but we used the exercise so we got enough and it all went pretty smoothly. Soaking in the hot tub at night helped for sure but was part of the plan to feeling okay at night. Trips for bags of pebbles, supplies, and more rocks were adventures in enjoying the weather, visiting old friends, walking. There was stopping for lunch or dinner and seeing new things along our same old drive. It is helpful that the weather here allows for the geography to look different season to season. We didn't need to leave our home city or backyard to experience something new. It was about noticing what was around us with fresh eyes. Vacation eyes where you look forward to something new and unexpected. 

All of this is a great metaphor for life and consciousness. Sometimes our different flow systems get blocked leading to leaking of all kinds. Our symptoms, like the flood plains, signal us that something is not flowing and energy is stuck or diverted. We go in to heart space and take a peak and find the area in lack and allow for repair or replacement. We allow for potential to install a new reality. Flow then begins again. Our being experiences integrity again and can enjoy what it was designed to do. 

Take this time to check our your metaphorical drains. If you are stuck inside due to weather and are getting bored burrow inside yourself to keep warm and feel your flow of life. Check out how you are feeling and what you are thinking. If something is bothering you, love it and play. 



copyright 2015 Janet Barrett