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Your Story, Your Voice

Your Story, Your Voice

Hello All,
This last week the story came up. You know. Your story, the one you have encoded as “my story”. We may refer to it as “my story” but the energy is “my story”. And when we use consciousness technologies like Matrix Energetics you begin to realize that you are much more than “my story”. That taking the energy down to “my story” helps free us up to be involved in new stories of all kinds. The themes in our lives may stay the same but now variety can happen and new chapters can start to be written and maybe a new ending, a never ending. If you allow your story to reveal itself you can sense the infinite qualities. Never ending, just transitioning and transcending. In that way delightful new possibilities, chapters, start to be experienced.
We are storytellers. In oral and written mediums we express our connections to our sense of self and how we relate in the human experience and all that entails. When we are dead and not there to confirm or deny someone’s interpretation of our facts and fictions it can all become myth. Myths are filled with super natural beings and humans as heroes and victims. By the nature of the word our heroes are encoded in tragedy. That is when we need a hero. Tragedy averted, life triumphant. Life, at base, is about survival and death. Some of us may feel very distant from those two references or they can be in our faces daily. Our myths are coming from traditions and earlier stories that get set into place. The details and variety of possibilities start to disappear over the years. Sometimes the individuals get lost, sometimes they serve as the myth and the story gets fed. The myths of who we are and where we come from have a power of their own. Our myths can be cultural, global, personal. Our stories within the myths can be unique and get stronger by rote and repetition. Every time we voice the past with attachment the power builds or holds firm. Our stories can be about anything. We can be filled with many stories at one time. They can be in conflict with each other. That makes them more interesting. 
Our stories and myths that we inhabit don’t always have to be the same, continually playing out with the same outcome. Our use of consciousness technologies give us some power and wiggle room. Most of us go about our daily lives without the knowledge that we can challenge with success the past. Not in changing it but in how we relate to it and a different future. We can become our own heroes out of our tragedies. We don’t have to settle for the past or conform to the tradition or sameness.  There is nothing wrong with your story and it chapters and verse and myth you now encompass. It is bringing you what you want in some way. If you would like something different then maybe take another look at it. What would it be like to experience, in some way, something different about your story and stories?
Drop into heart space and play this week. Notice how you have your story bound up. Written or oral? Opera, tattered journal, Akashic record, encyclopedia, locked diary, engraved in cement. Any will offer you a way to inscribe the future. Is it a bestseller? Private printing, or out of print? Theme song? Whether it is written in invisible ink, blood or with a clear hand, your stories are a blend of illusion, discernments, and consciousness exploring what it means to be alive. Enjoy it all. See if you are able to view yourself as hero or if it is victim in your story, to your story. Are you living an epic saga generationally playing out? Does it make a difference when you don’t feel the pressure of the past in your issues?  Can you see the past and predict the future? Any place along the scan you can find places where it could have been different and maybe now could be different. Just ask. That is what the present serves as, the place of awareness. Choose one and see what happens when you offer potential, love, gratitude, fun, silly, non attachment, whatever you feel is wanted. Allow your awareness, not mind, to come into play and engage. Feel the shift in some way. Make it real.
If there is no one to pass our story on to will we be forgotten? Does it matter? It is important to the living to know they have made a difference in being. Does it matter anywhere else? It that part of your story? There is no right, no wrong answers.
There is only your story, your voice.