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A lot has changed, and so has the number of websites that provide these services. Just like any other technology-inspired venture, there are some upsides and downsides of streaming media on a website.

Advantages of Streaming Media

Clear Sound and Picture

Unlike pirated sites, the video and audio quality of the movies are usually high. You will be streaming the videos in HD.

Instant Viewing

You will get immediate access to the movies, even when you are on the road. Some platforms charge a flat monthly fee, and in return, you get full access to their programming.

No Download Time

Streaming platforms have made it simpler for people to watch their favorite shows without worrying about download time. All you need is a stable internet connection for you to watch any show.

No Need for Memory Space

Since there are no downloads involved, you don’t have to worry about running out of disk space or memory space. Downloading huge videos to your computer may take up vast spaces on your computer, which may affect the performances of your computer.

Instant Playback

In the infant stage of the internet, there was a requirement for webmasters to include a link on their website if they wanted to share a video with their visitors. The visitors had to download the videos and watch them later on. However, video streaming has changed all this as you can get instant playback.

Many Streaming Options

Streaming websites offer you a chance of choosing from their huge list of options. There are no limits as to how many videos you can watch in a day, as long as you have paid your subscription.


Disadvantages of Streaming Media

Can Only be Done Online

The downside of streaming media from a website is that the videos are only available online. The option limits access to the material to people who don’t have an online presence.

Internet Connection

Another disadvantage of streaming media from a website is that it requires a stable internet connection. If you want the HD experience, you should have a minimum of 2MBPS of internet connection, otherwise, you will experience buffering and slow loading webpages.

Online Security

There is a risk of losing your financial and personal details when buying a subscription from untrusted platforms. However, some reputable sites are taking a step further in ensuring your record security.


The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of media streaming. However, there is still some work needed to improve the entire experience. There is an attempt at providing people with a high-speed internet connection which will help to connect people around the world. Popular websites like Netflix have come up with a safe and secure way of paying for your services and not worry about your information getting lost.