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What's It All About?

What's It All About?

Do you ever just wonder what everything we do is all about? Do we wake up each day to make money? Do stay in gratitude? To help others, our families, maybe even ourselves?

Based upon my knowledge...endings occur at the end of every birthday year.  I was born in March so this is the ending and new beginning month. We all go through this every year.

While sitting with family and friends yesterday, I intently listened to everyone talking. Interesting that the young people had no idea of what they were doing or where they were going.  It made me really wonder what we are teaching our youth these days. They spend years in school, not even knowing how to balance a checkbook, pay a % for a tip or even know at 20 years of age, who or what they want to do. 

We spend half our life figuring it all out, the other half getting over what we did the first half or wishing we could have known what we know now!!!

What's it all about?  Some say just stay in gratitude, others want to work until they can retire because that is really what they worked for all those years. The only thing I have figured out is to stay ourselves, our source and our families.  And to keep working because this is a money world.  I'm even doing my first show back on BBS March 9th on this subject.. We hire astrologers, life coaches, ministers, psychologists.....wanting to figure it all out?  

Books are written as many believe they have the secret.  Believe and it will be.  Then we find out that believing has to have feeling to it or it simply goes no where.

My wise words for today are simply to know.  Know you are here for a purpose. Each person you meet may be the very reason you were born.  I can't imagine not being on this planet today because I want to figure me out...and end my karma.. I personally am ready to move on to the masters level.  I also can't imagine leaving my family or my pets.  No one would understand my precious Morky Poo.  She needs me.  For now, that is enough.  Tomorrow, it may be different.

For you, what is it all about?  

Dr. Vikke is the host of Living Your Souls Journey Radio Show on Saturdays at 7 EST on BBS Radio Station I.  Hope to talk with you and get your thoughts!!!!!!!