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What are we saying when we refer to Metaphysics?

What Does “Metaphysical” Really Mean?

Understanding the concept of metaphysics will help us apply it practically and not merely limit it to theoretical or philosophical reference.

In many New Age and spiritual circles, the word metaphysical is tossed around, such that it has begun to lose its true meaning. Though the term, coming from the Greek: meta ta physika (after the nature of things) describes metaphysicality to some degree, philosophical doctrines often muddy the waters.

This is because broad concepts are not often defined, and the word itself is used to suit many alterior motives. Metaphysics is actually the study of the world beyond the physical – the Creator’s world.

The metaphysical poets described this word in many ways. The philosopher Plotinus held that any reason and rationality in the human brain was only a reflection of a more universal and perfect reality beyond our limited human reason. He termed this ordering power in the universe "God."(Read full article)