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There is No Stopping Point in Your Evolution

Satsang with Shusara
Beware of ego believing it's already "arrived."

You travel the path of spiritual awareness every day and there is no point of arrival. You are eternally learning and expanding into greater levels of consciousness.


The path of the spiritual aspirant isn't really any different from any path of mastery you undertake in the world. If you want to be an accountant, you must first learn basic math. After the groundwork has been mastered, then deeper teachings are given to you to assimilate, apply and master. And this goes on until such time as you actualize yourself as a CPA. But the learning doesn't stop there, does it? As a CPA you may specialize in a certain area where there is certainly always room for experience and learning. New laws are passed which you must stay current on and you may even choose to mix it up and take on new clients whose tax issues are outside of your usual focus. The CPA will always have new lessons to learn. And, as with the CPA, regardless of what you do in life, you will always be learning through your experience.

So it goes for the spiritual seeker. At the point when the aspirant has found her true path, it launches her into a school of infinite lessons and levels. For those of you who hate school, this isn't meant to be a put-off...laughing. On the contrary, the school of spiritual awareness is attended every moment of every day as you live your life. Each moment bringing with it the opportunity for greater levels of awareness and integration of what you have learned. 

You see, your life is your spiritual path. You choose to evolve as consciousness, or to devolve as consciousness. There simply is no standing still in the universe, correct? The planets and the stars are all in perpetual motion, and so are you, as consciousness. The choices you make in the moment either lead to greater awareness or contribute to reinforce the belief that you are separate from who and what you truly are...God.

It is of no benefit to you to do "spiritual" work, see some results that please you, and then decide you've seen enough and that you can coast now. It doesn't work that way. The moment you stop moving forward, you begin moving backward. So, don't let the ego kid you into thinking you're "there"...wherever it thinks that is. There is no stopping point in your evolution. Even the moment of enlightenment is yet another doorway in the infinite journey that remains in front of you.

You don't push to get to the end. You push to reach the next beginning.