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Reiki /Healing/ Angel Practitioner®

Introduction to Healing Modalities with Adena

Adena Bannick Host of BBSradio Meta Mondays Beginning Column on All Modalities of Healing

The first thing I have to say is that I am not a physical person. In fact, I was exhausted right after birth. By the age of 5, I had already had two near death experiences and suffered from sinus issues already, ( I still do ).  As I grew older, it got worse. I used to think of myself as a floating head. All mind, no body.  I believe this was probably called "disassociation ".  However, I was highly analytical and just didn't like all the messy physical stuff like eating, walking, moving, pain ... except for one physical thing that most of us like; yep, you got it, chocolate. So, I was very shocked when I got older and found out I was able to have a child like many other people. Wanna talk about messy? Pain?   It got worse.  A year later I had to have a pretty big operation that was really painful, and it turned out that I was so allergic to the pain medication and they refused to give me a substitute   ( they would give me morphine but not Advil)  because they couldn't reach my doctor, so I chose to tough it out without.  The universe really started piling it on at this point and the following year I was diagnosed with cancer. Goody. Chemo was wonderful as I'm sure you can imagine, radiation too, and just for good measure, they threw in the death of my little sister as an emotional treat on top.

So, what's my point? My point is,  We aren't floating heads, and we aren't our bodies. During the year I had cancer I decided to take a Reiki course. By this time I was already doing what I do ( I was pretty old by then anyway) and I wanted to be able to do it for other's if I lived, and my teacher was thank God, even more eclectic than I was.  She taught the way she wanted, just me and her in her home, and I loved it. As I was being attuned to my Master level  111 ( most people do this at level 11) I had to heal someone remotely knowing nothing about them).  Considering I read people remotely you would think It would be a breeze but it wasn't. This was "physical" ugh. Bodies. Whether it was energy or not it was about a body. I freaked. Symbols or not. So, My floating head decided to do what it always did - leave. That's right. We said, Okay Reiki Masters, this is where we get off. You can take over. And they did. My teacher had given me a name and that was it. I asked, no, begged the Reiki Masters to help me assist this woman in her own healing and boom, I saw the inside and outside of her body light up in colors. Warm colors, cool colors, cold colors. Dark, Light,  Slowly the Masters moved me up to certain parts of her body, an arm, then her throat, to her leg.  I didn't question, I didn't ask. They literally said things like, put this color here, or take this color out. I held her in my hand and could feel the pain come out.  If one of the areas was very inflamed it had a color and the color itself spoke to me and I understood the kind of situation that had happened to make it that color. That was the first experience. I wrote it all down. My teach took the book from my hand, called her friend, came back into the room. Her face was white and she was really surprised. I was a little insulted and a little nervous by her reaction. She obviously had very little faith in me and in her own teaching. Anyway, the Reiki Masters were right on target. Everything they did was right.     

You may be thinking , sure, you're a psychic, you were a level 111 Reiki Master, etc etc.... but I am telling you that all I was was a cancer patient who felt like she was already dead, had a little boy who she was terrified she wouldn't live to see grow up, struggled to make it day by day, and  no matter what anyone told her, she couldn't get past her own fears.

I want to talk to you all about everyday healing and protection.   How to connect inwardly with yourself, other people and how to feel when other people are directing their thoughts ( and what they are) at you. 

I went on to become An Advanced Angel Practictioner®  taught by the wonderful Charles Virtue, and I believe that's when my floating head and body reached a sort of truce.  I am also a certified and natural Medium and the love that comes out of this universe to US and from US to US  is so overwhelming that after most of my readings I break down and sob. 

So, I know this was a very long introduction, and I promise in my next column I will get right down to a healing modality because what I want to do most is teach, share,  and help us realize we are not alone in our floating heads at all. We are all ONE floating head. Love adena