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How 'blind belief' may not be the best way to deal with the professed election meddling by Russia in 2016. Rand Paul's defense of rationality in the face of Wolf Blitzer's demand for total belief in the special prosecutor's indictment document.

I try to monitor various programs in CNN and MSNBC- but it is frankly getting hard to do- for the fundamental technique in their efforts to push their own self-serving and dangerous agenda is so blatant- that it is really hard to deal with. 

Here is a clip of Wolf Blitzer interviewing Ron Paul: 

For someone who knows the dangers of trying to program out critical thinking from a massive audience of qualified voters, this kind of manipulation is very sad. The problem here is that it is hard to tell if the author of the manipulation (in this case, Wolf) is categorically aware of what he is doing or is he already programmed subconsciously to short-circuit vital operations of the human mind. 

You can see that all he wants to do is get Ron Paul to say that he believes in the judgment of our intelligence services- and for that matter, see the very wicked actions of President Trump for not jumping on board with his assertion that we should respect and honor the veracity of our intelligence services. 

Personally, I don't know if the indictment against the 12 military intelligence officers is true or not. I am not crossing out one hypothesis or the other. What I am against are the extreme length Wolf is going to in order to embarrass Ron Paul because he won't say "I believe" -in the intelligence services, the wrongness of Putin and Trump and all the other consequences of this devastating non-compliance with the Wolf's precious self-conceived truth. 

We need not go through the litany of all the ways our intelligence agencies have deceived the public in the past, created objectionable in alternative methods of funding, involved themselves in methods of interrogation that assumed their potential culpability permitted unlimited intention and barbaric acts of cruelty. Every reporter in CNN and MSNBC knows this- but still they use this 'belief' in the intelligence service as a way of underlining the adversarial nature of the Russian Federation with the possibility, down the line, of taking some kind of military action against them.

Trying to program people through repetition of statements from convincing media authorities- and make them believe instead of using their critical thinking- is not an admirable use of media. I was happy to see Rand Paul calmly defend himself against Wolf's unrelenting argument by authority. 

Wolf should have been praising Putin for offering Mueller's team tp come to Russia to interrogate the accused military officers with his own team. That was an outstanding and logical response to the need to settle this electioneering issue in a positive way.