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The Great Canadian Whitewash of Mass Murder

A child’s bone unearthed at the Mohawk Indian school, Brantford, Ontario, November 2011

The Great Canadian Whitewash:

Where did all those dead little Indians go? And why are we supposed to forget about them?


by Kevin Annett, M.A., M.Div.

Advisor to the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State;

 Author, Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada (2016)


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A child’s bone unearthed at the Mohawk Indian school, Brantford, Ontario, November 2011


We have had to start burying children two or three to a grave.– John Zimmerman, Principal of the Anglican’s Mohawk Indian Residential School, in a letter to the Department of Indian Affairs, May 3, 1948


I didn’t know what the smell was, what burning flesh smelled like. But they kept those furnaces in the school burning twenty-four seven. I saw Brother Murphy and another priest shove those little bodies in there and they burned them up. - William Combes, survivor of the Catholic Kamloops Indian residential school, 2008


We can’t open those kids’ graves. It would be too huge an investigation.– RCMP Constable Gerry Peters to Kevin Annett, referring to the mass grave at the United Church’s Alberni Indian residential school, August 5, 1997


The conditions are being deliberately created in our Indian schools to spread infectious disease. The death rate often exceeds fifty percent. This is a national crime. – Dr. Peter Bryce, Indian Affairs medical inspector, November 10, 1907


Where mass murder is officially sanctioned, there can be no truth, and no justice. – Simon Wiesenthal


Things can get absurd when serial killers investigate themselves.


Back in the 1960’s, Ku Klux Klan sheriffs in Mississippi saw nothing wrong with their conducting the autopsy on the remains of the civil rights workers they had murdered and thrown into a swamp, and their announcing they died of “natural causes”. The Klan investigators were the law, after all.


Here in the Great White North, the legal lynchings are no less surreal, but they are more hidden.


Canadians have never had the honesty of our southern neighbors when it comes to wiping out The Others, camouflaging our racially targeted mass murder in pious language and self-exoneration.


In the spring of 1891, Church and Crown began systematically exterminating aboriginal children in special internment camps deceptively called “Indian residential schools” established by a secret Order in Council. By the government’s own records, over half of those children died therein, or at least 60,000 souls. Generations of documents and witnesses show that the remains of these children were incinerated, pulped, or buried in mass graves across the country, as part of a century-long criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of power in Canada and Britain. (1)


That conspiracy sprouted its ugly head again this past week when the traditional accomplice of a genocidal Canadian Church and State, the corporate media, issued this big lie: “After a year, no evidence exists that children were buried at former Indian residential schools.”  (Canadian Press, May 23, 2022)


After a year? Have IQ’s just plummeted in editorial offices? Independent forensic investigations at residential school mass graves have been conducted since 1907, and as recently as the fall of 2011 and early in 2017. And yet none of the hard evidence of those digs and the voluminous research accompanying them has ever found its way into the Canadian press. The latter has systematically censored any reference to such graves, until last year, which was dubbed “The year of the graves” by the National Post.


More accurately, it should be known as “The year of the Big Spin”.


In a contrived scenario that would make a corporate PR shark wince, a carefully managed “dig” of a grave site was announced at the former Kamloops residential school in May 2021. Like a latter-day KKK “investigation” into race killings, the “dig” was conducted by none other than the RCMP, who for generations had rounded up and imprisoned children in the “school”, chased runaways, and routinely destroyed children’s remains after they had died from beatings, starvation, rape, and torture.


After a staged media hype, the Kamloops graves holding the Mounties’ little victims were roped off by them, and their alleged dig began. But no-one was allowed access to the site besides insiders, the forensic results were never announced, and the event was cloaked in the usual secrecy. It turns out to have been an enormous psyops to “prove” once and for all that there are no mass graves of children, for that’s what the corporate and the gutter press are now claiming. In fact, it proves the opposite: that the crown, church, and big money that murdered so many children are still desperately trying to whitewash their memory, for that crime is continuing, as is the attending camouflage.


The official duplicity and “night and fog” surrounding 60,000 dead little Indians is nothing new. The stage-managed “Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) – set up in 2008 by the guilty churches and government – forbade the naming of names or the location of mass graves. It also allowed the churches to scrub their records, and was eventually authorized by the Supreme Court of Canada to destroy anything “incriminating” uncovered by it and previous hearings. (2) 


So much for the legal inviolability of crime scene evidence in Canada!


These criminal shenanigans by the government and crown courts are very familiar to me. Since 1995, I have had the blessing and the curse of being at the heart of the movement to expose the Canadian genocide.  For those nearly thirty years, what has played out across the nation is the same masterfully effective ploy by those who did the crime to permanently erase the memory and the record of their genocide.


Not only at Kamloops last year, but for decades, the RCMP, churches, and government have systematically destroyed buried remains, silenced eyewitnesses, and relied on a controlled media and academia to restrict the residential school narrative and legal litigation to a matter of allegedly random and long-past “abuses”. To do so, they have had to ignore and suppress the actual residential school evidence, since the latter indicates that mass murder was the aim and the result of the “schools” from their inception; and that, far from stopping, the same crimes carry on today.



Years ago, I discovered a smoking gun document about our homegrown genocide. It was an Indian Agent’s report from the Anglican Elkhorn Indian school in Regina, one of the first residential schools to open, in 1891. (below) In the report, eight of the twelve students had died or were dying: two thirds of them, despite a death rate of less than 5% on the children’s neighboring Cree reservation. The same huge mortality was found in every Indian school across western Canada; and that death rate was still occurring during the 1950’s, over sixty years later! (3)



Source: The Department of Indian Affairs RG 10 series archives, Ottawa


Why did children begin dying at genocidal rates the very first year a residential school opened, and why did that death rate continue for more than half a century? That simple question has never been addressed or answered by anyone in “official” Canadian society, nor will it ever be. For the very fact that the death rate never slackened over those decades indicates a deliberate intent to keep it at or above fifty percent each year: a mortality higher than that of Auschwitz. (4)


The “Indian residential schools” were church-administered killing zones set up to depopulate Indian nations in targeted, resource-rich areas. These domestic death camps constituted the biggest crime of State and Church in Canadian history.



In the spring of 1907, an Indian Affairs doctor named Peter Bryce discovered the method used in this slaughter. After visiting every Indian school in western Canada, where most of them were located, Bryce concluded that healthy children were being routinely exposed by staff to those dying of tuberculosis and were never treated, resulting in the enormous death rate of between 40% and 60%.