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A Cardinal gets Laid by Frankie the Fixer Upholding the Oldest Lie until the Very End

A Cardinal gets Laid by Frankie the Fixer Upholding the Oldest Lie until the Very End

A Cardinal gets Laid by Frankie the Fixer Upholding the Oldest Lie until the Very End

A Cardinal gets "Laid" by Frankie the Fixer:
Upholding the Oldest Lie until the Very End
by Kevin D. Annett
Things fall apart, the Center cannot hold. - William Butler Yeats
Do Clergy do more than Lay People? - Anonymous graffiti outside Holy Rosary Catholic Cathedral, Vancouver

“But he has nothing on!” said the whole people at length. That touched the Emperor, for it seemed to him that they were right; but he thought to himself, “I must go through with the procession.” And so he held himself a little higher, and the chamberlains held on tighter than ever, and carried the train which did not exist at all. - The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans-Christian Andersen


Some people might feel sorry for William McCarrick, the octogenarian child-rapist. He is at least an ironic figure. For after a lifetime of doing what comes naturally and legally to every high Catholic cleric, Cardinal Bill has recently fallen victim to  a pope's need to save his own tottering image; and, apparently, to something much more. 
Let me start by reminding the uninformed or the unconscious among you that to the Papacy, there's nothing wrong with what McCarrick did to children for many decades. The standing Vatican policy called Crimen Sollicitationas* defines child rape and torture as an in-house, pardonable "sin", not as a crime or an offense, and is to be routinely concealed by order of the Pope himself. So why did Cardinal Bill get publicly demoted (read, "laicized") for abiding by Vatican practice and policy? (* , Appendix Four) 
In truth, the 88 year old criminal was simply the latest dead weight that needed to be jettisoned from a sinking Papal ship. For McCarrick's big offense was not harming children but rather ignoring Pope Frank's summons to a special Conclave in Rome in early January. The American Cardinal was a vocal critic of Francis. Who better then to toss to the crowd? That way, Pope Frank dealt with a political opponent while looking oh-so-progressive. And politically, the papacy was also declaring once again that it is a law unto itself, reprimanding its own without regard to the law. Although in truth, somebody better explain to me how retiring a kiddie-killer to "secular" life on full pension constitutes a reprimand, let alone justice.
Be that as it may, and it always is, let's for a moment try to squint past our conditioned need to find good in father-figures in robes and instead, use this latest tragic-comic incident to take the pulse of the dying thing called the Church of Rome. Of course, "dying" may be too generous a description. Anyone who's ever stood outside the Vatican or encountered any of their sterile office-holders knows in their bones that there is nothing actually there. I know from first hand contact that Vatican City and whatever it houses feels like a big, empty nothingness.
Hold that image. 
Ten years ago, at high noon on October 11, 2009, I stood in St. Peter's Square and conducted what began as a memorial service for children killed by the church but became a public exorcism directed at the entity of Rome. And then a few rather strange things happened, the first of them being that I was not arrested, which is the standard response of Vatican security to any protester or unauthorized ceremony in the Square. In fact, both the papal and Roman police literally walked right by me as I scattered water and ashes at the Vatican dome and called on its deadly governing spirit to expose itself and be named. I might as well have been invisible that day - and in fact I was, according to various Irish and aboriginal relatives of mine. )
Anyway, it all felt very unreal until the next morning, when a tornado suddenly struck the center of Rome; and two days later, when the first accounts of Pope Benedict's personal complicity in child trafficking broke into the world media. The thing had indeed been exposed, except perhaps to Coincidence Theorists.
Jumping ahead to the following year, yours truly showed up once again at St. Peter's square and conducted the second phase of the exorcism, which involves the actual expulsion of the entity from the possessed.* Sure enough, the expulsions began in the wake of that action. Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, subsequently resigned his office along with the Jesuit "black pope" Adolfo Pachon and the top Cardinals Tarcisio Bertone and Sean Brady. A thunder bolt also struck the Vatican dome the day Ratzinger resigned, but I guess that was just another coincidence. Regardless, as we've witnessed again with the fall of William McCarrick, the toppling of senior clerics has continued fast and furious since the commencing of these exorcisms: not really because of the desperate political maneuverings of Pope Francis, who himself may soon fall, but rather, due to something unseen. (*
One has to look deeply beneath the surface appearance of things to understand what this is all about, which is perhaps why even the most steadfast followers of our campaigns have not detected this chain of cause and effect, and of what came next, on Easter Sunday in 2014. For on that day occurred the third and final stage of the exorcism of the entity of Rome: the actual replacement of the expelled evil spirit with something new. On April 20, 2014, I stood again at the center of something I still don't understand and completed that third step, at the oldest Papist church outside Italy, in Maastricht, Holland. On that day, the authority and existence of the Vatican was declared to be publicly nullified, under the laws of heaven and earth. ( )
You don't have to entertain any particular spiritual beliefs or inclinations to accept these events as the proof that something greater than ourselves has brought down the rule of the oldest corporation on our planet. For as I felt the first time I stood outside Vatican City, the Church of Rome's worldly wealth and lies appear to persist, but only as a false illusion. For behind the mask of papal power is a void without reality, what the Hebrews called an idol, pesel, which means no-thing, an image without substance, like a hologram - but in this case, far more deadly. For  over two millennia the thing in Rome has thrived by parasitically robbing life from men and women and children, sucking the thoughts and bodies and money of humanity into itself and thereby assuming power over them with the help of compliant governments and courts. 
We know this blood soaked history all too well. But now something acting through us has toppled the illusion, expelled the essence of what once governed Rome, and opened the door for something different to manifest. The latter is up to free men and women to create. Meanwhile, the acolytes of the dead papacy, starting with the "pope" himself, are desperately clinging to an imagined authority like any Emperor whose absurd nakedness has been exposed. That makes it all the more necessary for we the living to leave the dead to bury the dead. 
Cardinal William McCarrick belongs in jail, not in a cozy church retirement community. So does anyone who harms a child or protects those who do. By that measure, if we don't make such arrests ourselves and dismantle the Church of Rome and its partners in crime, we're nothing more than accessories to an evil beyond imagining; and we must remain denizens of that City of the Dead that reigns over the living as long as they tolerate such hell.