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CANCER - Solutions To Pollution by Adam Masters

CANCER - Solutions To Pollution by Adam Masters

CANCER - Solutions to Pollution by Adam Masters

CANCER - Solutions to Pollution by Adam Masters

There are just 2 types of cancer,

Organic and inorganic cancer.  Where cancer exists in the body is irrelevant.  If cancer exists in the sexual organs of either a female or male then that cancer is inorganic, mostly caused by toxic chemical with its friend toxic heavy metals the wild card.  

Tumors are formed by the intelligent body gathering and storing toxic metals and mostly chemicals in tumor form to protect the body.  Over time can become cancerous.  

Chelation of chemicals can only be done by raising the efficiency of the liver, and metals removed by binding metals at a minimum please by using ionic bonding.  Integrative clinics around the world use molecular bonding which ensures failure with the problem of metals unresolved, re-distributed into mostly kidney and liver.  Molecular EDTA chelation does not remove heavy metals, but only re-distributes metals, should be alarming to doctors.

B17 Amygdalin and CBD subdues Cancer are so helpful, but both do not resolve why cancer exists. 

CBD is best with Leukemia because Leukemia's are caused by toxic heavy metal playing havoc on blood cell formation. 

CBD is great at chelating heavy metal.  B17 will work better than CBD where cancer is caused by chemicals high in the blood.

B17 kills cancer cells by genius of manipulation.  B17 from fruit seeds and best from apricots works by, releasing tightly bonded cyanide into the cancer cell by proximity due to a 'unique to cancer cell enzyme coating'.  Tumor necrosis factor can be lowered by using larch extract which allow cancer recognition by the immune system.  Cancer is a protection mechanism of the smart intelligent body meaning the reason for cancer must be removed as the symptom of cancer is killed.  The caution is that there will never be a cure for a symptom, like cancer because cancer is a friend of the body.

The reason why hi-dose Vitamin C works so well for cancer is because Vitamin C in its final stage turns to hydrogen peroxide.  H2o2 oxides anaerobic cells.  Cancer is partly anaerobic, but Vitamin C is best at resolving skin cancer because of its time delay in breakdown.  Vitamin C tames inflammation but does not resolve the presence of toxic metals or chemicals that mostly cause it.  Every man, woman and child are toxic of both toxins.  Neurotoxins from exposure to mold is the 3rd leading cause of all death and disease, we call autoimmune. 

The cure for cancer is to drain the swamp while mitigating symptoms.  Best to turn off the waterfall of toxic diet feeding the swamp.  The medical system adds to the swamp with chemicals on their food trays with no regard for an organic diet. 

The oncologists' diets recommended is a tragic one.

Organic only means normal where nutrients are not destroyed, and chemicals are not added.  In principle an organic diet cannot solve disease but does improve health.  The idea of an alkaline diet is nuts and so is the elimination diet.  But a bio-available, divers diet your body recognizes is smart.  

Organic when tested has 500-1000% more nutrition than non-organic in cross section of minerals is measured.  The plants cauterize nutrient uptake when the plant realizes unrecognizable fertilizer that is chemical. 

GMO is food un-recognizable found on every hospital food tray.  Anything the body does not recognize is carcinogenic, so GMO accelerates disease, obesity, lack and cancer like gasoline.  

Alkaline water promotes disease when eaten with food by interfering with the digestion cycle (stomach acid) with food going rancid before digested.  Those with stomach problems should drink 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal.  Alkaline water produced by Kangen created with electricity loses its ability to hydrate because it is less recognizable by the body.  Alkaline water pacifies inflammation with its increased hydrogen content but be careful how it's made and when you drink it. 

Cancer is never the issue because cancer is the symptom, so no one ever dies of cancer.  You cannot 'starve' cancer.  An anti-cancer diet is one without poisons, and better if energetic and diverse to include acidic and alkaline foods to address diversity.  An alkaline diet will promote an acidic body because of interference with the digestion cycle violated which l could write a book on. 

You must eliminate the toxic conditions that cause cancer or metastasis is assured.  Cause and reason why cancer exists are inter-changeable.  If the reason why cancer is not found, protocols are like trying to put a bigger plug in a growing hole on a sinking ship. Sleep is key to healing any disease and so is remaining in appreciation outside of the idea of being a victim.  

Inflammation is not a cause of disease, it is disease, the outcome of toxic conditions that looks like an onion.

Inflammation is due to underlying toxic conditions of imbalances unresolved over time but easier to resolve if focus is given to just 3 toxic primary issues of concern.  Parasites are mostly a symbiotic/opportunistic issue of little concern until the food supply of rotting flesh from gross toxic imbalances have been resolved otherwise parasite cleansing can exacerbate most cancers.  Master the 3D to get to 5D.

Adam Masters is an expert on how to create health on BBS radio.