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Article by Shusara Akona Kumara October 5, 2016

An Important Message from The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness

Following the spiritual path does not mean you are meant to disengage from the world. Just the opposite is true.

A Message from The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness

An unfortunate byproduct of following the spiritual path, for many seekers, is the desire to leave the world altogether. In fact, it is precisely this desire that has brought many of them to their inner work in the first place.  This is a trap.

Remember, your life IS your spiritual path!  You did not choose to come have this 3rd dimensional experience for the express purpose of escaping it; you came to add your unique energy to the uplifting of humanity.  Far too many people right now are trapped by their desire for ascension and have taken on the belief that the world has no value of its own. That’s absolute rubbish!

God lives in and through you, AS you.  This world may be an illusion on a deeper level, but within its own reality, there is an amazing life to be lived here for every one of us.  It is a huge mistake to take on the attitude that since life here just an illusion, nothing you do really matters.  Nothing could be further from the truth. You have passions that stir your soul, which are born of Spirit, so follow them! Throw yourself into your life and be present for every sacred moment of it.  This world is pure magic, and those who learn to engage fully in their own lives discover this secret. 

Think of all the people who have truly made a positive impact on the world. Did they seclude themselves from the world because they saw the conflict and suffering? I think you’ll find that most of them did just the opposite, choosing to do what they could to help where they saw a need. Get my point?

To take spiritual understandings and then use them as justifiers to escape our earthly responsibilities is one of the lower mind’s favorite tricks. We call it spiritual arrogance.  You are given understandings by books, videos and teachers and, at some point, you will have a personal experience of that understanding, which will help lock it further in place, moving it from mental understanding to inner Knowing. Your job then is to go out and live from that Knowing in the world. THAT is where you gain your mastery…the same mastery that will ultimately lead you back out of this temporary dream we call the world.  To see problems in the world and do nothing, when you can, to help, under the excuse that it’s all just a dream, is to live in a constant state of denial. Part of your service to humanity is doing the work required to ascend out of the world of opposites…but another, equally important, part of your service is to do what you can, here and now, to make an impact on this world. 

We are here. Let’s make the most of it until we’re not.



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