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Article by Shusara Akona Kumara October 18, 2016

The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness


Living in this world of opposition is a battle for everyone, and this battle is especially poignant for those who are attempting to function from a higher level of conscious awareness. For those of you who resonate with this, there are three keys for how to successfully live in the world that I would like to share with you.

1 – To live in peace in the world, the first key is to not be in denial about what is happening. Whether it is in your personal relationships, or in the dynamics of national politics or global conflict, it is imperative that you learn to view all things from the space of objectivity so that you can clearly see what is transpiring without judging what is occurring. Those who refuse to objectively view both sides of any situation hold themselves in denial over what is and will never be capable of taking conscious right action consistently.

2 – For one who is open to true objectivity and is not only willing, but determined, to question the beliefs which keep them from being objective, the next key is to do what you can to be of service. This means that if you see a need around you where you can take action to assist, you must be open and ready to do so. This can be anything from donating money/food/clothing in your community to holding space in meditation or prayer for those who need energetic support in other parts of the world. You will be in service in your own immediate family and to those whom you will never meet. This doesn’t mean that you go around always looking for what you’re supposed to do out of a sense of guilt-ridden obligation; it simply means that when something is brought to your awareness where you can make a positive impact, even a small one, it is your responsibility to do so and to hold yourself accountable for that. Regardless of the self-centeredness of the ego whose actions only serve itself, we are truly all here to be in service to others. Don’t forget that.

3 – And lastly, for those who see clearly and take action to be of service when needed, the final critical key is to release any attachment you may have concerning the outcome of your action. This is a crucial step for those who desire to walk freely in the world of duality. If you are of service, but that service comes out of the space of attachment, it isn’t true service. At that level, the ego dictates the service because of its own agendas…maybe the unconscious need for recognition, love or acceptance…and the outcome of the action will determine whether or not the ego’s need has been met, which will then dictate the person’s emotional state. It is karmic in nature. However, service rendered from the heart in the space of nonattachment, where you recognize that you will do what you can, but also accept that there are factors outside of your control that will ultimately determine the outcome, is divine service. This is where your act of service truly makes a positive impact on everything.

So, begin looking at how you live in the world. Are you being called from within to step up to the next level of your own evolution? Is it time to start questioning where you’re actually functioning from and then making the necessary adjustments so you can be that for which you were created?  A lifetime passes in the blink of an eye and where you will find yourself after this life ends is directly related to how you live the life you’ve been given now. If you hear that distant call, make a conscious choice to begin today.



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