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Article by Shusara Akona Kumara March 2, 2017

A Piece of Advice


I’d like to take a moment to offer some guidance on how to navigate our current timeline. There is a mass of highly polarized energy now pulsating through the collective. You see it in the events in the outside world and it is indicative of the state of the collective unconscious. What you will recognize is that things which have remained hidden for long periods of time…even eons…are coming to the surface to be examined and dealt with on a conscious level. Overall, this is a very positive thing for the collective, but it can be very challenging to move through on a personal basis. Most of you reading this will be empaths of some sort and will likely experience the energies very strongly within your own energetic fields. This is to be expected.

The key in living through these times without becoming identified with all the chaos lies in removing any expectation you hold about life. There is no way to foresee the choices and actions the collective will undertake and no matter what happens, the trap is to be identified with those choices and actions, either from the space of being “for” them or “against” them. These glamours, or illusions, of identification with the sense of a personal self are part of what keeps you tied to the cycle of reincarnation on Earth. And until you have stepped free of ALL expectations and attachments you will continue to be reborn into this hell world of opposites.

So, rather than be frustrated or dismayed by how challenging things currently are, use this as an opportunity to exercise your ability to be the observer and to remain unattached to anything. This doesn’t mean you stop living your life. It only means you strive to view your life and this reality from the highest Light and to make your choices from that place. It isn’t easy, and Earth is quite the taskmaster for seekers of Truth. However, you are being given the perfect conditions not only to walk your talk, but to master that walk.

Whatever you think should/shouldn’t happen….drop it.

Wherever you’re convinced you know best…let it go.

Whenever you become upset that things aren’t going your way…yield to That which is greater.

This is a time of monumental change and it requires great fluidity. Watch the movement of consciousness as humanity through the lens of the objective observer, be kind to yourselves and your fellow humans, show gratitude for the life you have been given and strive to be of service daily.

We’re all in this together for the long haul. These times will pass. Let’s do our best to move through them with grace.