Article by KarenSchoen September 13, 2015

Social Justice in America?
Social Justice in America?
SOCIAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA?? This is What Your Children are Learning in School?


This is What Your Children are Learning in School?

It has come to our attention that the Florida Department of Education is NOT paying attention to the material given to our students!!  Is your DOEd? 

Social Justice, the UNESCO ideology, is now taught in the classroom.  Social justice supports EQUALITY and SOLIDARITY in a society, by designating a small group as a VICTIM group!

So now that we are all on the same page, let's agree on the Definition of Social Justice:  Social Justice is based on the concept of Human Rights and Equality, and involves a great degree of economic affairs, in which equality of outcome means ALL people have the same WEALTH, regardless of whether they work...or not!

If Wealth is not Equal, then the Government...

has the RIGHT to Take from ONE, and GIVE to the Other.

This is simply SHARED POVERTY AND MISERY for all.


Social Justice is a founding principle, a building block of various forms of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Globalism, Progressivism and cooperative economic organizations.  ALL of these forms of government are implemented through progressive taxation, income redistribution, property redistribution, control and repression.

Notice how there no longer any need for students to know how to read or write, do math, know science, learn American history, nor learn about America's greatness, Bill of Rights, or Constitution.  All graduates work for the Government, and are "taken care of" by the Government. 

Instead, so long as students can communicate the values of the teacher, they PASS.  Since grading creates differences, making one student feel "exceptional", and others feel badly about themselves, students now only ”PASS” or “FAIL.”

This grading system forces upon our students an unrealistic view of the world, and the adults in the room know:  “the world and life is not fair.”


On October 9, 2011 Jack Chambless, Economics Professor, Valencia College, Orlando, wrote to the The Orlando Sentinel on The American Dream.  His students had to write an essay explaining their definition of the American Dream, and what they expected the Federal government to do, to help them achieve their version of this Dream. 

"When contemplating the role of Washington, D.C., in helping them achieve their goals in life, my students, most of whom were educated in America's public schools, wrote that they wanted government to:

  • pay for my tuition

  • provide me with a job

  • give me money for a house

  • make sure I get free health care

  • pay for my retirement

  • raise taxes on rich people so that I can have more money, etc.

The idea of self-responsibility and consequences for ones actions are skill sets no longer taught in schools. The future decision-making process is altered, making the only choice for children to learn:  Reliance on Government, not Self.  Schools teach our children total reliance and dependence upon the Government.

One student, who thought her American Dream could be best achieved with more government regulations, went so far as to say, "We all know that there are many bad side effects when regulations take place, but as human beings, we are not really responsible for our own acts. So we need Government to control those who don't care about others. It makes sense that our freedom is reduced every day with the new regulations."

The Wall Street Journal reported that for the first time in our nation's history, 51% of Americans will not pay income taxes.

It should also be noted that in 1983, just over 29 percent of Americans received some form of Government Assistance.  Today the figure is 44.4 percent.

As a retired teacher, with a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies, I was not surprised at what “educators” were saying. But I doubt if any of the students or parents actually understood what they were asking for, in their American Dream.  Government Control comes with a HEAVY PRICE.


Life will not continue along the same path we are accustomed to today. 

It changes drastically.  Your children's Future American Dream looks like this:

YOU get to go to your government-approved apartment (flat) in your sustainable development building, with government-approved clothes, eating your government-approved food, going to your government-approved job on your government-approved bicycle. 

Traveling is out. Cars and gas are too expensive. Healthcare is controlled and rationed by the government. ALL electricity, energy, and food is rationed...with compliance guidelines and Government snitches to oversee that everything is FAIR.  All shelter, food, clothes, bicycles, and cars become the SAME.

EVERYTHING meets the bar of institutionalization: mass produced, cheap quality, serviceable, plain. Nothing unique, new, or special - those qualities become too expensive to produce.

Can you imagine the number of Americans that will go into an INSANE FRENZY over this development:

Designer duds, Gone! Jeans, Gone! Fancy sports cars, Gone!

Starbucks, Gone! Bistros and brunch, Gone!

Big, fancy houses, Gone!



Since you now pay for everyone, and all services must be FAIR, the quality of things diminishes and is inferior. Paying for quality services is out of the question – too expensive for all. Services provided are mediocre to pitiful. Your only purpose in life is to WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT. You are owned by the Government. You must conform to the Government's standards.



Economists teach that the economy needs you in DEBT to guarantee that you work. You work is leveraged for more borrowing.   The DEBT will never be paid, but the debtors will be happy to take your land, and America’s resources. After all, these massive programs offering inferior services, must be paid for by you and the rest of the government slaves.

When you drive by abandoned, empty houses - remember:  if the Stimulus money was used to help Americans, there was more than enough in the STIMUMLUS PACKAGE funding to make every American whole! There would be NO DEBT!

But, that was not THE PLAN! The plan was for use of Foreclosures, to level the playing field...making it all FAIR.  Net result: YOU RENT BACK YOUR HOME from the Government...and own nothing!

Ownership IS NOT FAIR!

Poor-quality education programs, and grants like RACE TO TOP - have brought us to a National Data Base. Your children will be required to “tell all in school”. Tell:  how much you smoke, eat, drink, if you have a gun, your political associations, friends, family, sexual orientation. What you say, what you think, what you do, where you go.  All that.

Now, all of your personal private information will be reported into the National Data Base. If you are a Tea Party member, White males classified as terrorists, and now with a bill like the National Defense Appropriations Act - the Government needs NO excuse to pick you up and detain you indefinitely.  Not to worry - the TSA, the new Obama home army that he promised to create (and fund with YOUR taxpayer dollars)...will come and get you. And, you will be taken care of!

Do students really understand Social Justice, or do they just think they are joining another social network?  Do you understand your new life?  Let’s see how Social Justice will work in a middle-class family, one used to making their own decisions...


So what if your Government has determined that you have accumulated more wealth than your neighbors?  That is not acceptable, as the requirement of Social Justice demands that wealth be shared. You are required to share your wealth, to make room, and provide for other less-fortunate families.  In preparation of implementing Social Justice, you will be required to register all bedrooms in your home.

Many people have already done this by answering Census surveys. Remember those?

You know, the first Census that was highly detailed, the one that asked probing, intrusive questions about you, your household members, and your property? Yeah, that one!

Your child will register your information on the National Data Base, as required in the RACE TO THE TOP Grant. This information will be stored on the National Data Base, to share with all government/corporate agencies (for your protection), to monitor your compliance with the program.

Today, a chip with all of your private–banking, health, political etc. information is now embedded in your credit/debit/benefit cards, drivers license, and id cards etc.  Eventually, your net pay will be deposited on your card.

Did I mention that you will have to pay a 2030 AGENDA tax, to support implementation, compliance, and enforcement of that program?  Ooops. Well, no big deal. You get whatever's left...

As long as you are good, submissive citizen, say nothing

derogatory, and obey the Government...

YOU get to keep your money.

Speak out - and the Government will Debit your account.

(Remember Greece!)

According to Sustainable Development Standards:

  • YOU and your spouse are entitled to 700 sq ft., or 900 sq. ft. for a Family of 4.
  • Your family gets to occupy 1 bedroom.
  • Each of the other bedrooms will be assigned to another family. This program is open to all residents of Florida, legal or illegal, working or not.
  • You will be required to clothe, feed, educate, as well as to provide shelter, transportation, and medical attention to all people living in your home.

The Pope is calling for this TODAY!

Instead of fighting ISIS, they want YOU to share YOUR WEALTH!!  Although I agree we must help the refugees, that is a short term answer.  In the long term, who has the funds and weapons to fight?  YOU, or the Government?


Your family can only have 1 car!!!  - Which, of course - you will be unable to drive - because fuel will necessarily skyrocket in cost.

You will be FORCED to REDISTRIBUTE all of your other cars...

to those living in your home.

You will Register your Income,

for equal division among those living in your home. 

Under NO circumstances will those living in your home be required to pay for, or assist in payment for any services required for the upkeep of your home.

They are not obligated to you for any reason, is YOUR obligation to pay for them, since YOU have accumulated too much Wealth, and Wealth must be shared equally!  Once the Registration is complete, you will TRANSFER OWNERSHIP of your home or business to the STATE.


This is Social Justice!!

Like HELL! - THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS! - you say..

That too, is ARRANGED.

What do you think JADE HELM 15 is all about? 

Or the nationalization of local police forces?

Or Executive Order # 13603?

WE'RE DONE! Stick a FORK in US!

Private property is just not acceptable under a Social Justice program. Don't want to register?  Don't worry; your child will be able to complete the Registration process in the National Data Base required in the RACE TO THE TOP program.

If you need any references as to how this program works, we refer you to those models of implementation of Social Justice in Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, Hungary, China, and Poland.

If you feel that you have been selected unfairly, then contact the FLDOE and tell them that you live in the Constitutional Republic of America, not the Communist Republic of America. Teaching Social Justice is JUST un-American.

WHY are we torturing our children year after year with programs that prepare them for NOTHING?  WHY are we forcing them to change their Belief Systems?

The Answer?


Do you value YOUR freedom of choice?

Will you work for YOUR children, OUR Country?



To reach the Florida Commission of Education:

To reach the Governor of Florida:

Only YOU can stop the spread of Communism in America.

Not to speak is to speak, not to act, is to act.

If not YOU, WHO? If not NOW, WHEN?

In Liberty,

Karen Schoen

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♦ Homeschool whenever possible! Can't home school? Go to your Pastor. Tell your Pastor it is time to start a CCS-free church school. Partner-up with other parents that homeschool, try to stagger work schedules when you can to make it happen.

♦ Go to your school - and DEMAND to see every piece of paper your child receives in school. Correct all mistakes, and DEMAND from your School Board that these programs be removed from schools!

♦ Go to your school board - and DEMAND these books and programs be removed from schools.  Recommend that school boards REPLACE them with on of the many American exceptional curricula. The test scores are in and CCS has failed miserably.

♦ Demand that Communist/Socialist programs be removed from the schools.

♦ Demand that the Bill of Rights, American exceptionalism, nationalism, history, civics, and economics be RETURNED to the Florida curriculum in schools!


Why are Americans silent?  A limited education creates citizens void of Constitutional knowledge and understanding that speaking out is not only a Right but a Duty.  JOIN US:

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