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Article by Joan Newcomb December 4, 2015

Act Before You're Ready

When you plan to do something, a part of you goes out and does it. In actually scheduling things (as opposed to just thinking about them), it sets an intention and set energy in motion for them to actually happen.

Act Before You're Ready ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

When you plan to do something, a part of you goes out and does it. As Consciousness you're not fettered by time and space so anything you imagine you instantaneously experience - as Consciousness.

Visualization is great but another step needs to happen.

In actually scheduling these meetups (as opposed to just thinking about them), I've set an intention and set energy in motion for them to actually happen. As Consciousness I can go everywhere, do anything, be anything, but nothing comes into form unless action is taken.

In order for us to expand into a new experience, we have to move beyond our comfort zone.  We don't do that if we wait until we are ready. We'll never be ready when we stay where we are.

Giving ourselves a deadline, putting it on our calendar, provides an anchor point for the manifestation to happen. It also initiates inner growth.

We don't have to be ready when we schedule something. We'll be ready when it happens.

Don't let fear deter you. Our bodies feel fearful of the future, because they only exist in the present moment.  Non-existence equals death to bodies, so when we try to drag them into our future planning, they feel like they're gonna die!

Don't let your mind take you out. You brain has a collection of cells responsible for organizing your life, and holds such boundaries like 'don't cross the street without holding your mom's hand'.  You may be 56 years old, but your mind is still trying to keep you safe that way.  It will come up with all sorts of reasons why it's a bad idea, especially if you are taking a bold step towards happiness and freedom.

This doesn't mean you have to leap without looking, or dive in without any preparation (although that tends to be my way of doing things; I'm going title my autobiography 'Belly-Flopping Through Life')!

You can plan before you're ready, too.

Great visions are just grandiose dreams without solid plans of actions.  But you can paralyze yourself by wanting to do things perfectly.  Nobody ever leapt out of the womb tap dancing. We all had to crawl before we walked. Sometimes you just have to get started.

"Imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time." Harry Truman

As you've been reading this, ideas have been running through your mind. Books you want to write, career changes you want to explore, countries you'd like to visit.

Get started.  Do the first step. Take the first micro-action.  Put it on your calendar, research it on the internet. Start to make it real.

Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!