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Article by Francine Silverman October 7, 2015

Are You Radio Ready

You may not think you have anything to say on the radio, but look further

by "Talk Radio Advocate" Francine Silverman

Perhaps you have never considered going on radio,
or are convinced you have nothing to share. Or
maybe, unlike me, you are unaware of the
proliferation of talk radio shows on the Internet -
covering virtually every topic.

Hosts want guests to be either entertaining or

Unless you are a comedian, you probably fit the
"informative" spot. If you are an author, you've
done research for your book.

You may think only authors go on radio. Let me
give you three examples of my clients, whose
books do not figure in their interviews:

One is a holistic health practitioner whose
expertise in acupuncture and Qigong is what
hosts care about.

Two authors have suffered incredible adversities but
nonetheless achieved success.

One is a life coach and solution specialist who, about
a decade ago, suffered horrific injuries in a motorcycle
accident. Nothing stopped her from achieving her dreams.

Another is an entrepreneur who runs the family restaurant,
is a radio host, mentors 13,000 super busy leaders and has
presented at such prestigious corportions as Honeywell,
Prudential, Pillsbury and AT&T. Earlier in life, she
experienced a reading disability, fires, floods, tornadoes,
car wrecks, burglary, lightning, and the loss of her beloved

If you're in business, you may know a lot about certain
aspects, such as finance, employment, marketing, technology,
sales, careers, economics, customer service, banking,
entrepreneurship, real estate, automotive, labor,
investments, home-based business and more.

Suppose you are a doctor or nurse. There are general health
shows and those that cover specific diseases, such as
diabetes and breast cancer. Probably the most variety
is within New Age - some cover all spiritual topics and
others single out a specific area, such as metaphysics,
tarot, angels, psychic development, parapsychology, mysticism,
occult, astrology, paranormal, channeling, mediumship and numerology.
(There are radio shows that cover each of these topics, as
attested to my 16 ebooks of talk radio shows).

Whatever your expertise, there is bound to be a radio show for you.

Francine Silverman is an author, publicist, radio host and compiler of 16 ebooks of talk radio shows.