Admirable Friends with Buddy and Carol Fichera

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Admirable Friends Introduction
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Talk Radio Show Program

Admirable Friends

Studying and having a conversation regarding the Ten Ideal Mind Qualities
Buddy and Carol Fichera

The Mission

It is the intention of Admirable Friends to create a network of Admirable Friend groups, where participants feel safe, encouraged and supported in their journey to make discernible progress toward reducing stress and finding reliable happiness.

The Vision

  • To create a physical and virtual world-wide support network made up of Admirable Friends seeking Reliable Happiness and/or less stress

    • Admirable Friends display generous, virtuous, and discerning qualities
    • Admirable Friends are willing to look honestly at their intentions and the results of their actions, admit when they have caused stress to themselves or others, and are willing to change habits so they won't make the same choice again
  • To create a safe and structured environment designed to promote conversation on matters of deeper life importance
  • To create a multi-cultural group that emphasizes personal and communal growth through the inner development of beneficial mind qualities and that supports freedom of personal conscience in matters of faith

The Purpose

  • To enhance individual wisdom and compassion through effective group dialogue
  • To support individuals seeking reliable happiness
  • To share goodwill with all beings
  • To provide time-tested teaching principles in a contemporary curriculum format
  • To support our human need to learn, excel, and transcend everyday stress
  • To develop and enjoy admirable friendship with others

The Core Values

  • A Board and Executive team committed to participating and leading by example
  • A commitment to the circular learning model of; 1)concept, 2)practice, and 3)understand
  • A management team committed to continuous open-minded inquiry and advocacy of an evolving program
  • A management team committed to systems thinking as a counter-measure to crisis management
  • A systems development team committed to listen to network participants for future improvements 
  • The effective use of a personal log as a means to be accountable to our actions, words, and thoughts
  • A virtual network developed to grow intelligence over time
  • Through an anonymous social network that produces helpful and relevant case studies

Talk Show Program Host

Buddy and Carol Fichera
Buddy and Carol Fichera
Fort Worth
TX - USA Facebook -,,,
Co-Founders of Admirable Friends

Raised as Catholics, the Fichera's began training in Zen Buddhism in early 2000. They subsequently moved on to the Thai Forest tradition of Buddhism where they studied and trained with Ajahn Sumedho's and Ajahn Geoff's programs. Buddy is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, and Carol works in Administration at a local university.

The Fichera's, now married over 34 years, have a shared interest in self-help, religion, and psychology. They organized Fort Worth Meditation in 2012. Buddy and Carol view their Buddhist practice as a natural bridge between science, psychology, and religion. They have raised three boys, (AJ, Alex, and Aaron) who practice similarly and likewise provide support for each other's personal journey to reliable happiness.

Buddy and Carol helped transition Fort Worth Meditation into Admirable Friends, a Texas based charity early in 2014. They serve as members of the Board of Directors along with Iain Bates, Allison Aldridge-Saur, and Ajit Alles.

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