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Jill Wright and Jeanie Holzbacher

“Hi, I’m Jeanie Holzbacher, and on behalf of myself and my co-host, Jill Wright, we want to welcome you to EXECUTIVE SHINE: Conversations That Count.

We search the planet to bring you some of the most dynamic leaders in various industries, who often only have one thing in common: uncommonly outrageous impact on people and business. They are leaving this world a radically better place.

So kick back and join us while we use the media to exploit what’s right in this world and head out on a full throttle assault against the disconnection running rampant through the workplace and...

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Christine Blanchette
Guest, Christine Blanchette, December 23, 2020, TV host, Producer of Run With It, Fitness & Lifestyle
Denise Mund
Guest, Denise Mund, December 21, 2020, Jefferson County Republicans
Guest, Matt Arnold, December 21, 2020, Director of Campaign Integrity Watchdog
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show December 21, 2020
Guests, Matt Arnold and Denise Mund The establishment swamp engineers as hit piece on local grassroots heroes aided by the Denver Post. Matt Arnold with Campaign Integrity Watchdog joins the show to talk about the truly corrupt establishment practices and people. Plus a swing county finds thousan....
Headlined Show, Shadow Politics December 20, 2020
Maria and I want to talk about what's ahead for us as a nation and also what we can glean from Covid-19 that may be positive. What lessons have we learned? How do we come together as a nation when we are so far apart? What's the common ground we can hope for? Call in and give us your opinion! Let's ....
Leighton Morrison
Headlined Show, Dont Panic Its Organic December 19, 2020
This week on 'DON'T PANIC! IT'S ORGANIC' with Andy Lopez, aka 'The Invisible Gardener' - Joining us is guest Leighton Morrison - Soil Biologist, CEO and Founder of Kingdomaquaponicsllc! Kingdom Aquaponics™ believes many people have decided that the effects of human activity needs to be shifted in ....
Leighton Morrison
Guest, Leighton Morrison, December 19, 2020, Soil Biologist and CEO/Founder of Kingdom Aquaponics™
Dr. Michael Gross
Guest, Dr Michael Gross, December 19, 2020, Spiritual coach, life coach, multi-dimensional healer, In-Demand Speaker
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show December 18, 2020
A California Judge smacks down Newsom’s restaurant lockdown while the restaurant resistance grows stronger in Colorado and around the country. Plus Dem strategist…. aka “Sword of Soros” Ted Trimpa ....
Dem strategist…. aka “Sword of Soros” Ted Trimpa
Guest, Ted Trimpa, December 18, 2020, CEO of Trimpa Group LLC,national political consulting, government relations, progressive public policy advocacy, political strategy
wieteke koolhof
Guest, Wieteke Koolhof, December 17, 2020, New Paradigm Life coach and conscious designer offering ET-channeling in The Netherlands and internationally
10 Keys to Recording Great Sounding Audio
Blog by : Toni Lontis - December 17, 2020
It is now time to say goodbye
Blog by : Toni Lontis - December 17, 2020
We all know how it feels to be a little out of whack.
Blog by : Toni Lontis - December 17, 2020
Guest, Sandy Anastasi, December 17, 2020, Psychic
Joy Elaine
Guest, Joy Elaine, December 17, 2020, author, speaker, expert on Ashtar Command, energy worker, Akashic reader, Shaman, Angelic Healer
Headlined Show, LetterZ From the Pen December 18, 2020
This show explores the hip hop world and interviews OG2 entertainment artists DEE & Trauma's music. ....
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show December 16, 2020
Guest, Dr Brian Joondeph and Rep. Dave Williams Trump and his supporters are fighting for this country, Dr. Brian Joondeph suggests the inaction by Establishment GOP is driving the party and the country off the cliff. Plus, grassroots Rep. Dave Williams brings us up to date on this week’s Color....


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